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PMOI Secretary General urges all freedom-lovers to secure release of abducted Mojahedin members

Hossein Pouyan & Mohammad Ali ZahediMs. Mojgan Parsai, Secretary General of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), made the following comments regarding the abduction of two PMOI members in Baghdad:

"Subsequent to the acknowledgment by Iraqi Foreign and Defense ministers that the PMOI enjoyed political refugee status in Iraq, and after losing hope in the expulsion of the PMOI from Iraq and the election of a Revolutionary Guards commander, terrorist and hostage taker,  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President, the clerical regime has again resorted to terrorism and kidnappings. It has found itself on the losing end legally, politically and internationally despite all the conspiracies it hatched against the PMOI."

Ms. Parsai added, "Based on 10 legal opinions by pre-eminent international jurists, the November 10, 2004 declaration signed by 3,700 Iraqi lawyers and jurists, the declaration by 2.8 million Iraqis, international laws and conventions, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention, as well as the July 2004 agreement between the Mojahedin residing in Camp Ashraf and the U.S. forces, political refugee status is the PMOI’s unalienable and undeniable right."

"According to eyewitnesses, Messrs. Hossein Pouyan and Mohammad-Ali Zahedi, who were abducted around noon, Thursday, August 4 in Baghdad’s Karradah Street, were taken to Iraq’s Interior Ministry. They had gone to Baghdad to buy food stuffs, including flour and sugar needed for Ashraf residents," she said.

PMOI’s Secretary General underscored, "The mullahs’ antihuman regime believes it can intimidate or exhaust and ultimately break down PMOI members based at Ashraf through terrorism and kidnapping. However, the clerical regime, its operative and proxies should know better that they will get nowhere with terrorism and kidnapping. Ashraf will not waver and the Mojahedin will insist on their principles and ideals."

Mrs. Parsai asked all Iranians and freedom-lovers across the world to use lawful means to express their protest against abductions to international agencies and governments in order to prevent the criminals ruling Iran and their agents in Iraq from facing the consequences of their crimes.

She emphasized, "The Multinational Force that is responsible for protecting those enjoying ‘protected persons’ status under the Fourth Geneva Convention as well as the government of Iraq as the sovereign where the crime has occurred must condemn the kidnapping unequivocally and carry out their responsibilities in the framework of international law to protect the lives and security of the abducted Mojahedin."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 13, 2005