Military occupation of Ashraf – No. 131

This show is completely boycotted by local people

NCRI - On Wednesday, August 3, the clerical regime's embassy in Baghdad and its terrorist Qods Force, with cooperation from Nuri al-Maliki's office, arranged an absurd show in the city of Khalis to justify the crime of April 8 and to prepare the ground for another massacre in Ashraf. This is while abhorrence of the Iraqi people for crime against humanity in Ashraf by the Iraqi forces has reached new heights and the writ by the National Court of Spain against Maliki, Ali Ghaidan, and a number of other officers under Maliki's command for their participation in the April 8 massacre has turned into an escalating crisis for Maliki and his cohorts inside and outside Iraq.

The repetitious show met an utter boycott and was shunned by the local people; however, a series of media affiliated with the Iranian regime and Maliki gave coverage to the incident with bogus headlines of: 'Demonstrations by the people in Khalis to reclaim their agricultural land from the PMOI'.

The boycott was to an extent that even Iranian regime's media acknowledged only dozens of local people had participated in the show. In reality, participants were no other than 20-30 elements of the Iranian regime. This was while Uday Khadran and Ali Zohairi, two well-known elements of the Qods Force in the region, had promised the local people that upon participation they would receive $200 and if they refrained to partake in the show, they would be arrested on charges of cooperation with the terrorists. Back on 17 September 2010, these same two elements, upon orders from the Iranian embassy in Baghdad and with expenses paid by it, arranged an exhibition in Khalis against residents of Ashraf.

The al-Sabah daily, affiliated with Maliki, quoting Ali Zohairi wrote on August 4: "Demonstrators demanded that the PMOI be forced to return agricultural land amounting to 9,000 hectares (90 kilometers square) and pay retributions for depriving them of their land during the years." It is interesting to note that Camp Ashraf's area, including its occupied section, is only 36 square kilometer. In another lie, quoting another element by the name of Hadi Anbaki, this daily wrote: "Judicial authorities have issued a ruling which obligates the People's Mojahedin of Iran to return 12.5 square kilometers of land to their rightful owners and to pay monetary retribution to 150 families coerced to leave their lands occupied by this organization for over 30 years." This is while the Iraqi judiciary has not issued any decree in this regard.

These elements threatened to close the road to Ashraf in two weeks to cut medical and food assistance to Ashraf and to force the Iraqi government and others to force the PMOI to leave their lands.

Earlier on 12 January 2011, the International Committee of Jurists in Defence of Ashraf, comprised of 8,500 jurists in the United States and Europe, in a letter to the UN, U.S. and Iraq’s officials wrote:

“The committee tasked to suppress Ashraf residents has instructed the Diyala Police and military forces to put pressure on the inhabitants of villages neighboring Ashraf to file complaints against Ashraf residents and claim parts of Ashraf’s land stating it was their property which the PMOI had seized by force… This devious campaign began in early 2009, when the protection of Ashraf was transferred to Iraqi forces. In recent months after US forces and the UNAMI monitoring team departed from Ashraf, this campaign has reached a new peak. On January 3, 2011, the Iranian regime’s state-run ‘Iran’ daily cited Uday Khadran, a well-known operative of the mullahs, as saying, “A number of Iraqi citizens have filed complaints against the Monafeqin (derogatory term used by Iranian regime for PMOI) in the local courts of the town of Khalis demanding compensation for the occupation of 1,500 hectares of agricultural land by the PMOI during the past few years.” On February 13, 2009, the websites affiliated to the Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry wrote, “The agricultural lands seized by Saddam Hussein and under the name of Camp Ashraf has been misused as the main base of the terrorist People’s Mojahedin Organization during the past 23 years. The owners of the agricultural land have filed formal complaints with court against stealing the land.” (13 February 2009)

“These conspiracies take place while there are no doubts about Ashraf’s land title. In 1986, the land currently known as Ashraf was transferred from the Iraqi government at the time to the PMOI. Previously, this location belonged to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense as training grounds for Iraqi military students with signs of military base installed around its perimeters. This location, which the Iraqi government at that time handed over to the PMOI with maps and specifications, was a completely militarized zone with no individual, house or agricultural grounds inside it.”

"During the past 25 years, there have been no claims from the villagers before or after 2003 regarding Ashraf’s lands."

The Committee concluded:

“The issue of Ashraf’s grounds is just one part of the countless plots by the Iranian regime and its Iraqi proxies against Ashraf residents, which are in flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, number of other international conventions and International Law. These plots are intended to pave the way for attacks and impose even more pressure on Ashraf.”

In light of ominous and announced intentions of the mullahs’ regime and Maliki’s government and its agents for annihilation of Ashraf residents, the Iranian Resistance once again warns the U.S., the European Union, the UN Security Council, the UNHCR, and the UNHCHR against a new massacre in Ashraf and asks them to ensure protection of Ashraf residents. 

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 5, 2011

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