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Maryam Rajavi: Iran regime is enemy of Christ and Mohammad and Godfather of all villains in Middle East

Maryam Rajavi on the occasion of Christmas and beginning of 2015:

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, congratulated all her Christian compatriots, the Christian supporters of Iranian Resistance, and Christians all over the world on the occasion of Christmas and the New Year and wished a year replete with peace, freedom, tolerance and progress for people all over the world and the year of victory over the atrocious fundamentalists ruling Iran for the resistance movement of the Iranian people.

Rajavi noted: The message of Christ for the enchained humanity is the promise for emancipation and liberty.A message that for over two thousand years and beyond all distortions and oppressions is calling generations of mankind to peace, justice and liberty.

Rajavi called the mullahs’ regime that has masked itself with Islam the most atrocious enemy of Christ and Mohammad and added: In the name of Islam, they splash acid on the eyes of women in Iran, hang the youth, incarcerate newly Christian converts and violate their most basic rights. They are henchmen that execute and torture people for their religious beliefs, especially for following the true messages of Mohammad and Christ, and impose the worst discrimination and atrocities. They have set up a bloodthirsty religious tyranny that is the epicenter of fundamentalism and terrorism under the banner of Islam and the Godfather of all villains that today kill the innocent captives and hostages and force Christians and believers of other faiths to migrate and become homeless in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq and Syria.

The President-elect of the Iranian Resistance emphasized: “As far as the true message of Islam according to verses of Quran is concerned, the mullahs ruling Iran and the fundamentalists who directly or indirectly follow them and stampede on the lives, life, prestige and tranquility of nations in this region are the most dogged enemies of God… what our nations desire throughout the region is to live in peace and conciliation with their Christian sisters and brothers as well as all their compatriots of whatever religion, belief and faith.”

Maryam Rajavi reminded the agony and pain of millions of refugees and homeless, especially women and children in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and all over the world, and prayed for their deliverance from these harsh conditions. She expressed gratitude for the extensive support of Christians worldwide, including the leaders of the churches, for the Iranian Resistance. She urged Christians worldwide to increase their support of and solidarity for the freedom-fighters in Camp Liberty, the political prisoners throughout Iran, and the Iranian Resistance for the overthrow of the velayat-e faqih regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 23, 2014




Text of Christmas and New Year video message by Mrs Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran:

Friends and supporters of the people of Iran and the Iranian Resistance, 

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas brings with it the spirit of peace, solidarity and tolerance when people all around the world come together to celebrate the victory of love over hate, revenge, and aggression.

The Holy Koran recounts that Jesus Christ said: “I shall bring blessing and dignity to all people wherever I may be.”

During the holiday season, we do not forget that the Christian community in Iran is suppressed especially our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq and the region. Tonight, many Christian families in Iran see the empty chairs of their fathers, brothers, and mothers at dinner tables. The fundamentalist regime in Iran continues to arrest and discriminate against ethnic and religious minorities.

We SHALL not forget all those jailed, tortured and executed simply for believing in a cause greater than themselves, FREEDOM. We SHALL not forget disfigured innocent girls who were targets of acid attacks by gangs led by the mullahs regime. Let us pay tribute to sacrifices by the freedom fighters at Camp Liberty in the path for the ultimate Peace.

We all know that “God’s Grace is free, but Bringing Joy to the world has its price”

The Ashrafis, are living proof that the Iran of tomorrow will never tolerate anything less than FREEDOM and they have been paying a heavy price to guarantee a lasting one. There have been rocket attacks, massacres, and an inhumane medical siege. Their perseverance, self-sacrifice and tolerance continue to inspire us all.

So, during this joyous time of the year, we look back with gratitude and look forward with hope and optimism. 2014 was a remarkable year, filled with achievements for the Iranian Resistance thanks to your support and encouragement. In 2015, we will renew our commitment to a free, non-nuclear and democratic Iran.

I look forward to work with all of you to bring that day closer. Together, we can start a new chapter of opposition against the beating heart of fundamentalism in Tehran. The thoughts and prayers of the great family of the Iranian Resistance are with you.

May you and your family be blessed with happiness.

From all of us to your families, A Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


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