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Imminent attack on Camp Ashraf, call on Clinton to prevent a human tragedy

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Camp Ashraf military occupation- No. 7

Simultaneous with US Defence Secretary Robert Gates trip to Iraq, on demands of the Iranian regime and under orders of Nouri al- Maliki, the Iraqi Forces are getting ready for a major attack on Camp Ashraf on Thursday evening.  The dispatch of reinforcements to Ashraf have continued through the afternoon.

General Farouq, in charge of al-Maliki’s Military Office has arrived in Ashraf to brief the commanders of repressive forces about the planned criminal attack on Camp Ashraf, which he will command.

By 19:00 local time today, at least 65 personnel carriers, moving new Iraqi forces have entered Ashraf.  A number of Iraqi Generals have also arrived at the scene and have their forces on full alert.  According to reports a number of anti-riot police with trained dogs have been brought in.  The oppressive forces, in addition to their firearms, are also equipped with sticks and clubs.

The Iranian Resistance calls on Secretary of State Hilary Clinton for immediate intervention to remove the Iraqi forces from Camp Ashraf and prevent a new human tragedy.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 7, 2011

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