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The mullahs’ regime ambassador to Iraq abuse of UNAMI to suppress the main Iranian opposition group

• It is expected from Martin Kobler to immediately deny senseless statements attributed to him by the Iranian Ambassador

• The Iranian resistance strongly condemns any engagement or consultation with the mullahs’ regime in issues related to Camp Ashraf and will never accept that


NCRI – Simultaneous with increasing international pressure, the religious dictatorship ruling Iran’s need to suppress its opposition grows. While the head of terrorist Quds Force has declared that Iraq and Southern Lebanon are under the regime’s control, on Sunday January 22, the mullahs’ regime, in its media, specially the chain sites of the Ministry of Intelligence and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) quoted widely DanaiFar, the regime’s Ambassador to Iraq as saying:

“In meetings that the UN representative has had with members of this grouplet in Camp Ashraf, the majority of members of this grouplet declared readiness to return to Iran but the terrorist commanders of this grouplet have not let them out of the Camp and somehow have taken the members hostage …

In meetings that we have had with the UN representative, he said that a number of countries are ready to take them but I can not name them at present …

The United Nations and its representative in Iraq have stressed many times in their meetings with us that from the UN perspective, the Monafeqin (Mojahedin) are a terrorist grouplet and they would never support them” (Fars News Agency, January 22, 2012)

The Iranian resistance on January 2, 9, 10, 13 and 17 warned against an all out effort of the religious fascism ruling Iran to fail the peaceful and mutually agreeable solution in Ashraf crisis and their abuse of various UN bodies and other international organizations.
This is not the first time that the Iranian regime and its Iraqi proxies have abused the UN and its bodies and officials to suppress and eliminate the main opposition to the mullahs’ regime. Therefore it is expected from Mr.  Martin Kobler to immediately deny what has been attributed to him.

On June 28, 2011, when Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki claimed the UN Secretary General Special Representative  had stressed on ” the need to implement Council of Ministers’ decision regarding the expulsion of Ashraf residents from Iraq by the end of the current year”, Mr. Ad Melkert denied it. The Iranian resistance President-elect had asked for clarification of these statements in order to would not “allow the Iranian Regime and its Iraqi agents to take advantage of the UN to justify killing of Ashraf residents” . (letter of Mrs. Rajavi to the UN Secretary General, August 29, 2011)
– Last June when Iraqi authorities claimed the ICRC would be part of a committee to close Ashraf, the head of ICRC in Iraq denied this allegation and said: “”The ICRC will not be part of a committee reportedly being formed to close down Camp Ashraf,”( 27-06-2011 News Release)

– On October 23, 2011, two days after the announcement of the American troops’ withdrawal from Iraq, when the mullahs Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared the 7-point agreement between the mullahs regime and the Iraqi government about closing Camp Ashraf and suppressing the Iranian opposition, Mrs. Rajavi emphasized, “Any kind of negotiations and talks with the Iranian regime and its meddling regarding the status of Ashraf residents, who have recently been recognized by the UN as political asylum seekers protected under International Law, and the Iranian regime considers them as ‘Mohareb (enemy of God) whose blood must be shed with impunity’ and executes their family members for traveling to Ashraf, is a flagrant violation of the International Law, the International Human Rights Law, the Geneva Conventions, the Refugee Convention 1951, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Based on the Spanish National Court writ and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, these measures are considered crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes against the International Community.” (NCRI Statement, October 24, 2011)

The Iranian resistance strongly condemns any kind of engagement or consulting with the mullahs’ regime in issues related to Ashraf residents and will never accept it, specially that Mr. Kobler emphasized in his letter of December 28 to Ashraf residents on the way that has so far been customary for going to Iran and wrote: “Those Camp Ashraf residents who want to be repatriated immediately to Iran may use the current channels for doing so”.

Another worrisome issue is the UNAMI’s 10 day silence after Maliki’s statements about arrest warrants for Ashraf residents. On January 12, 2012, Maliki, at the behest of the religious fascism and by declaring 126 arrest warrants for Ashraf residents and accusing them of terrorism, ruthless crimes in Iraq and killing religious and political personalities in Iraq, completely breached his agreement with the UN.
Ashraf residents in a letter to the UN Secretary General and SGSR on January 15, 2012, signed by each and every one of them, wrote that despite their requests in the past two months, they have been able to see Mr. Kobler only for 15 minutes and essential questions about their fate has remained unanswered.
They asked: Why UNAMI does not support their demand for the visit of few Ashraf engineers from Camp Liberty? Why UNAMI provides a certificate to kill Ashraf residents and annihilation of the main Iranian opposition to Iraqi government, should we not accept the signed displacement by the SRSG? Why SRSG, who introduces himself as simply a facilitator, has signed an MOU with the Iraqi government without the acceptance of Ashraf residents or their representatives and lawyers, about their fate? Specially when the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in his reports to the Security Council on July 7 and December 5, 2011 stressed upon an arrangement and a way that besides the Iraqi government would be acceptable to Camp residents and all concerned.
Ashraf residents wrote: “As stated in the international call of 24 November 201’Jt’o UNAMI and SRSG against our compulsory relocation, we wish that UNAMI and UNHCR will not become accomplices in a future disaster is now awaiting us”.
Reportedly the Iraqi government is building a prison from Liberty with high concrete walls and internal walls, with full speed. By “preparing” Liberty, they mean completion of the walls. While even one visit from Ashraf residents or their lawyers from this location has not been approved, unfortunately, UNAMI tries to make this prison acceptable for uninformed people with photographs which do not reflect the whole truth and also by obtaining UNHCR and WHO’s approval.
General David Phillips, the former commander of Ashraf protection asked President Obama in Paris International Conference on January 20th to allow him to travel to Liberty where he already is familiar with at his own expense, and report back his observation to the US government who had promised their protection until their final disposition against the consolidation of Ashraf residents arms. The Iranian resistance asks the United States and UN Secretary General to accept General Phillips’ request for visiting Liberty and reporting back the results for public opinion.

There is no doubt that the mullahs’ regime is trying to bring to failure the peaceful solution for Ashraf. According to reliable information, the regime’s Ambassador has asked Maliki to hand over Ashraf leadership to Iran. Maliki has promised to act upon the mullahs’ regime demands after the set deadline. During past month, DanaiFar, the Iranian regime Ambassador in Baghdad who is a commander of the terrorist Quds Force, in addition to his meetings with Maliki, has met and talked three times with Mullah Ammar Hakim, the head of Iraqi Supreme Islamic Revolution Council, which is completely made and operated by the Iranian regime, about suppressing the Iranian opposition in Iraq.  The Iranian regime’s demand is that Ashraf residents “upon entry to Camp Liberty be placed under the control of special unit of the Prime Ministry and prosecutor of the Iraqi Supreme Criminal Court, and their arrest warrant be executed. In Camp Liberty, no facilities should be provided for them”. It is obvious that a regime that according to US officials is heavily engaged in suppressing Syrian opposition, what it would do to its main opposition in Iraq, where according to the commander of terrorist Quds Force, is under Tehran’s control.
Mrs. Rajavi repeated her previous call for a special session to save the peaceful and mutually agreeable solution chaired by the SRSG in Iraq and urged signing of a comprehensive document for arrangement of transfer to Liberty by the SRSG and Ashraf residents’ lawyers that encompasses the minimum guarantees and details about the transfer.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 23, 2012