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Further suppressive measures to quell society’s explosive state

NCRI – In an interview with the state-run Jam-e jam television station, Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, the regime’s Interior Minister, said, “The main perpetrators of the explosions in Khuzistan and the terrorist attacks in north-west and south-east Iran have been arrested.”

While attributing the uprisings and demonstrations against the mullahs’ medieval regime to “foreign enemies”, which he claimed were trying to “instigate ethnic unrest in Iran”, Pour-Mohammadi issued a threat that “the government would cut off the hands of those who attempt to disrupt the economic and security situation in Iran.”
On the sidelines of a farewell ceremony for provincial prosecutors, Ebrahim Raissi, first deputy chief of the mullahs’ judiciary, openly threatened the restless population and said, “The adopted policy of the judiciary and [other] officials of the state is one of firmness against those who instigate plots or trouble either in their writings and speech or their actions.”

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of all international human rights organizations to the continued suppression of the Iranian people, especially those in Khuzistan and Azerbaijan provinces, and demands the referral of the regime’s human rights dossier to the UN’s Security Council.    

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 7, 2006

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