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Iran: Regime Terrified of Widespread Social Welcoming of Iranian Resistance Justice Movement

Repressive measures increasing in Tehran & various provinces

Two weeks after failing to engineer Iran’s farce presidential election, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is terrified of the two slogans, “No to murderer, no to demagogue, and “My vote is regime change,” and the subject of seeking justice for the 1988 massacre victims.

“Those who judge the 1980s are changing the place of martyrs and murderers,” he said on June 4. Following these remarks the mullahs’ regime has resorted to repressive measures to quell social unrests, and campaigned its media to repeat Khamenei’s remarks along with a wave of repulsive remarks against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

In Tehran, IRGC intelligence, the paramilitary Bassij and plainclothes agents, accompanied by the army’s 65th Nohed Brigade, armed with a variety of weapons and equipment, have stationed in infantry and motorized units across various areas of Tehran, especially the streets of Azadi, Mossaddeq, Enghelab and Jomhouri. IRGC units from Fort Tharallan have established checkpoints across the capital, masked their faces and are searching people and their vehicles.

In many areas of Tehran and other cities Bassij members were promised 200,000 tomans (around $60) for arresting any PMOI supporter.

In Karaj, west of Tehran, Bassij members and plainclothes agents were seen patrolling various city areas to arrest youths distributing leaflets and writing slogans on walls against the regime.
On June 12 IRGC members equipped with a variety of weapons were seen stationed in Tehran’s Enghelab Street and the Hakeem Nezami Intersection, inspecting and harassing people, and attempting to create an atmosphere of fear.

Simultaneously, under the pretext of the June 7 incident, in recent days a large number of youths in numerous provinces, especially Tehran, Kermanshah, West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Alborz have been arrested, beaten and transferred to unknown locations. IRGC intelligence launched a night raid in the city of Sardasht, western Iran, arresting 44 Sunnis. Intelligence Ministry elements in Kurdistan are seen going to mosques and arresting people.

On June 5 the state-run Ofogh TV station broadcasted an in-depth program with a number of “experts,” being well-known IRGC members and torturers, acknowledging the youth who have not witnessed the 1980s are now seen supporting the PMOI.

“From 10 years ago this doubt was placed into people’s minds that the PMOI never sought to launch an armed conflict, the Islamic republic treated them in such a harsh way they were forced to take up arms to defend themselves. They were not to blame at all,” “changing the place of the murderer and martyr is their work,” according to the broadcasted program.

On June 12 this “expert” again on this same TV station said with the utmost obscenity, “Lajevardi (former Tehran public prosecutor, executioner and torturer), with his gracious and soft spirit, had become known as Evin’s murderer… the Europeans were not willing to even once read the dossiers and complaints filed by the families of terror victims (read Iran’s own agents) mentioned in the annual Human Rights Council session in Geneva, let alone condemn the PMOI.”

On June 10 the IRGC-affiliated Fars news agency conducted an interview with Mohammad Javad Hashemi-Nezhad, a leading official in Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence.

“The youths have not learned since the PMOI’s crimes have been forgotten. Therefore, the PMOI has found the opportunity to return to the public stage and gather supporters through social media,” he said.
Khamenei in his remarks on June 13 unveiled his fear of the youths’ campaign on social media.

“Today, an avalanche of right and wrong data is piling upon our internet users; false information, damaging information… why should we allow this to happen? Why should we allow matters against our values be distributed inside the country, by those who seek to inflict damage upon us?” he asked.

He also emphasized the role of the IRGC and Bassij in all matters of people’s lives.

“We must certainly place importance in the establishment’s military and security power, make it stronger by the day,” he added.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 15, 2017