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The Inhumane Plan To Enslave Prisoners in Isfahan Province – Reminiscent of Nazi Death Camps

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Call for immediate action to save prisoners’ lives from torture, execution, Coronavirus, and forced labor, and for the International mission to visit Iran’s prisons

In an anti-human and vicious plan, the clerical regime has turned many of the country’s prisons into concentration camps, reminiscent of the Nazi death camps. This plan has been implemented in most of the prisons of Isfahan Province, including Asadabad, Dastgerd, Vilashahr, Najafabad, and Qaleh-ye Shur prisons, and a considerable profit is flowing into the pockets of the officials of the regime’s Judiciary.

Currently, stone, mining factories, and some private workshops have contracted with Isfahan prisons to employ prisoners with lower salaries than usual. Mahmudabad and Dolatabad stone cutting, as well as Isfahan shoemakers’ factory, are among the factories where prisoners are forced into labor.

These prisoners are forced to work from 6 am to 2 pm without rest and do not have the minimum safety facilities at work. Their wages are paid to the prison administration, and a maximum of 500 thousand tomans (less than $22, based on today’s exchange rate) is given to the imprisoned worker per month. In this way, 80 to 90% of the workers ‘wages, which amount to tens of billions of Tomans every month, are plundered by the mullahs’ Judiciary.

Most of the prisoners in Vilashahr and Qaleh-ye Shur prisons have been forced to labor for construction. Currently, at least 1,000 inmates at Assadabad Prison work in stone factories and mines. According to the state-run news agency, IMNA, on July 8, 2020, Assadollah Gorji, the criminal director-general of Isfahan prisons, said that “2,500 prisoners were employed in production and industrial centers outside the prison in the private and public sectors” and that “more than 1,500 prisoners were employed in industrial workshops inside the prison environment.”

The Iranian Resistance urges the United Nations and other human rights and labor rights defenders to take immediate action to save the lives of prisoners from torture, execution, Coronavirus, and forced labor. It also reiterates the need for an international commission of inquiry to visit Iranian prisons and meet with prisoners, especially the political prisoners.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
September 9, 2020

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