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Iran: 800 textile factory workers went on strike

Sample ImageNCRI – 800 workers at Farnakh textile factory in Qazvin, western Iran, walked out in protest against non-payment of their salaries in the past two months and the New Year bonus. The factory was the largest of its kind in the Middle-East before enforcement of privatization scheme.

The factory management asked the workers to send a delegation of three for negotiations but the workers refused in order to prevent identification and arrest of their representatives by the security agents. They demanded the manager of the factory to meet with all the workers in the mosque.

Many workers in Iran have been refused payment by the regime's authorities in the new Iranian year while prices are rising rapidly. The recent widespread labor protests across the country have been due to growing economic pressures on the workers.

The Iranian Resistance calls on labor organizations and unions in particular the International Labor Organization to condemn the clerical regime's anti-labor policies and suppression of workers in Iran and urges support for their just demands.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 16, 2008