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Belgian Senate unanimously calls on EU to remove PMOI from terror list

Rajavi: Senate resolution is the voice of Belgian and European people’s conscience

Adoption of firm policy on Iranian regime is urged

NCRI – The Belgian Senate unanimously approved a resolution This afternoon, expressing deep concern for “violations of human rights and fundamental liberties” and “public executions, suppression and inhuman punishments, arbitrary arrests, physical and psychological torture, assassination of dissidents and political prisoners, persecution of differing opinions, discrimination against women, and religious and ethnic minorities, and the attacks on freedom of expression and opinion.”  The Senate called on the Belgian Government to “firmly condemn and vigorously protest the Iranian president’s repeated calls for the destruction of Israel and his denial of the genocide against the Jews after the Second World War, and recall its ambassador to Tehran for consultations.”
The resolution stresses that “Considering the absence of a precise definition of terrorism, the naming of Iranian opposition groups as terrorist because of their struggle against a regime responsible for systematic violations of human rights should be avoided.” The Belgian Senate also called on the Belgian Government to “investigate within the framework of the EU if, on the basis of current and revealed information, it remains justified, or not, to maintain the PMOI on the list of terrorist organizations.”
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, congratulated the Iranian people for the approval of the resolution and emphasized that the unanimity of the Belgian Senate against the anti-human clerical regime in Iran and its opposition to the inclusion of the PMOI in the terror list, indicates the revulsion of all Belgians for the religious fascism ruling Iran.
Mrs. Rajavi added that the resolution, like the declaration of 405 United Kingdom parliamentarians the week before, reflects the conscience of all Europeans. The policy of appeasing the clerical regime in Iran and inclusion of the PMOI in the terror list has no legitimacy and is opposed by the peoples of European countries and should be ended. Mrs. Rajavi expressed hope that European governments would respond positively to their own peoples’ conscientious call and adopt a firm policy against the mullahs in Iran.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 23, 2005
Belgian Senate Resolution

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