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Italian lawmakers condemn Iran regime’s terrorist meddling in Iraq

NCRI – In a meeting at the Italian Senate on Tuesday, lawmakers expressed support for the Iranian Resistance and condemned terrorist bombing of water pipelines to Ashraf City in Iraq by mullahs’ terrorist agents.

Lawmakers at the meeting also condemned cutting off food and fuel rations to Ashraf City under mullahs’ pressures on Iraqi authorities.

Members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran residing in Ashraf City, northeast of Baghdad, are recognized as protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention

Speakers stressed that the mullahs should be tried in an international tribunal for war crimes according Geneva Conventions.

In a declaration addressing the Iraqi government, Italian lawmakers emphasized on the political status of the PMOI members in Iraq and called for its reaffirmation by the new Iraqi government.
Speakers at the meeting included, Senator Paola Guzzanti, member of the Senate Defense Committee; Senator Antonio Paravia; Senator Erminia Emprin Giardini; members of Foreign Relations Committee Luciano Petinari, and Sergio Delia, and MPs Angelo Alessandri, Massimo Vannucci, Maurizio Acerbo, and Marco Calgaro.

A delegation of the Iranian Resistance headed by Ms. Sarvnaz Chitsaz, Chair of the NCRI’s Women’s Committee, addressed the meeting. Other members of the delegation inlcuded Abolqasem Rezai, deputy secretariat of the NCRI and the Council’s representative to Italy, and Reza Olia, Iranian sculpture.

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