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Necessary steps for change in Iran, peace, tranquility in the region and the world

Mohammad MohaddessinAs the European Union’s three major powers prepare to present their latest package of incentives to the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran, Mr. Mohaddessin, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, sent a letter to Foreign Secretary Jack Straw of the United Kingdom, EU’s rotating president, emphasizing that the Tehran regime had engaged in brinkmanship, threatening to resume the nuclear activities in Isfahan facility to extract greater concessions from the EU.

Mohaddessin added, "The clerical regime pursues two objectives in this cat-and-mouse game to which it has resorted since the National Council of Resistance of Iran blew the cover off its 18-year clandestine nuclear activities in August 2002. The first is to gain more time to complete its project to obtain nuclear weapons, considered by the clerical leaders as the sole strategic guarantee for their regime’s survival. The second is to gain greater economic, political and security concessions from Western countries."

Earlier, Hassan Rowhani in an interview with Kayhan daily on July 23 and Hossein Moussavian on July 17, acknowledged that the 21-month talks with the EU had provided Tehran with the opportunity to make up for many of its deficiencies in nuclear technology, uranium conversion and centrifuge production, and to sign long-term commercial deals with other countries around the world.

NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee Chair noted, "However, the biggest concession the regime received from the European Union in recent years was the crackdown on Iran’s legitimate opposition movement. In that same interview with Kayhan, Rowhani stressed, ‘The crisis started back in August 2002, when the Monafeqin [Mojahedin] said Iran is building nuclear weapons in three secret sites… In the past 21 months, however, the Islamic Republic has achieved brilliant results in technical, legal, political, propaganda and national security spheres. The EU signed an agreement with us to fight against the Mojahedin.’" 

Mohaddessin underscored, "The EU’s commitment to keep the PMOI on its terror list sent a clear message of weakness on the part of the international community to the terrorists ruling Iran by dramatically emboldening them to step up execution, torture and suppression of freedoms, continue its enmity and hostility to Middle East peace, intensify its meddling in Iraq with the ultimate objective of setting up a theocracy, and escalate its efforts to acquire nuclear arms with impunity." "Is it not rather ironic that the very same movement which alerted the world and particularly Europe about this danger has been included in the terrorist list and hamstrung by the European Union at the behest of Iran’s ruling theocracy?," he asked.

Mohaddessin stressed, "By taking advantage of Europe’s policy of appeasement, the clerical regime is today putting on a show of force and challenging Europe itself. Instead of strengthening the ‘moderate’ faction, EU’s policy empowered the most extremist faction of the ruling clique. Otherwise, Supreme Leader Khamenei could not have consolidated power in the hands of only one faction of the ruling theocracy for the first time in the past twenty six years, giving ever-greater power to the Revolutionary Guards. Neither would he have been able to bring to power Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a Revolutionary Guards commander and a terrorist, in a bid to expedite the nuclear weapons program."

"With every passing day, the world community loses greater opportunities to confront the mullahs’ threats. Terrorism under the cloak of Islam emerged with the clerical regime and would be eradicated once this regime is changed. Islamic fundamentalism, whose heart is beating in Tehran, represents the greatest menace to peace and tranquility in the region and the world. Yet, branding the PMOI, the principal opposition to a regime which is the heartland of fundamentalism in the world today, has dealt the biggest blow to the fight against terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism. The prospects of the world’s most dangerous terror sponsoring state being armed with the world’s most dangerous weapon would have implications and perils far beyond what we have witnessed so far," he added.
NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee Chair underscored, "The only way to rid the world of the threats and dangers posed by the regime ruling Iran is to bring about democratic change in Iran. This change is within reach and the Iranian people are resolved to make it a reality. In the two-week uprising by the people of Kurdistan Province in Iran, dozens have been killed by the security forces. Two months earlier, we were witness to uprisings in Ahwaz, Tehran, Mashad and many other cities. By boycotting the sham presidential elections, the Iranian people demonstrated their demand for change in Iran. To date however, appeasement has acted as the biggest obstacle to change."

He concluded, "Time has come for the European Union to take a step toward change in Iran as well as peace and tranquility in the region and the world by abandoning the futile negotiations with Tehran, referring the mullahs’ nuclear file to the United Nations Security Council and removing the unjust terrorist tag against the People’s Mojahedin."

Copies of Mohaddessin’s letter were forwarded to other EU foreign ministers, its foreign policy chief Javier Solana and IAEA Director General Dr. Mohammad ElBaradei.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 5, 2005

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