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Iran: Terrified mullahs call for public espionage

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NCRI - Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), the mullahs’ mafia of terror and espionage, in an unprecedented measure in a statement published by the regime’s news media outlets, called on the public to conduct espionage and provide information to the regime’s security apparatus, in order to maintain the “security” of the hated velayat-e faqih system.

The publication of this statement on the MOIS and other state-run websites takes place in conditions where the mullahs’ regime is extremely terrified of widespread public uprisings, and especially the increasing influence of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and Iranian Resistance in the society.

Parts of the statement reads:

- If the enemy comes to you and seeks your cooperation and providing news, inform the MOIS news headquarters as soon as possible.
- Government employees are under the watch of enemy espionage activities. Therefore, after obtaining any information or access to secret documents and news, refrain from even informing your friends and close relatives.
- Distributing and advertising rumors stated in foreign radios and televisions are complicity with the enemy against our dear country. Therefore, let us neglect the enemy’s rumors.
- The spread of rumors by foreigners is only aimed at creating divisions amongst our officials and annihilating our national unity. Let us consider rumors as the plots of this country’s enemies and refrain from conveying them to others.
- Rumors endanger the society’s psychological and mental security and disrupt the people’s spiritual comfort. Let us not believe rumors and not advertise them, to have a cheerful and hopeful society for a better tomorrow.
- In your trips abroad the enemy seeks to come in contact and establish friendly relations with you. Let us beware of requests and the enemy’s traps in these trips.
- Iranian citizens in their trips abroad enjoy the support of political representatives of the Islamic republic in all foreign countries. If you willingly or unwillingly commit any mistakes, without any concerns and confident in the support of the Islamic republic, do not succumb to the threats and pressures of foreign agents to obey their illegal demands.

In order to justify these disgraceful measures and by emphasizing the fact that “For the society, there is no higher and more valuable blessing than security”, this statement continues:

“Do you know that in Europe, citizens of European countries inform the police about any suspicious activities in the streets and even from behind windows, and this security culture is considered a characteristic of the European society?
In all developed countries, cooperation with police and the security apparatus is a public culture that has been derived from the sense of need for stable security.”

The regime resorting to this shameful and blatant act is an indication of public outrage of the totality of the mullahs’ regime, and fear of spreading protests and risks for the regime’s crumbling “security”, especially on the eve of the sham elections.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 26, 2013