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Iranian Resistance Strongly Condemns Terrorist Crimes in Sinai

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The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the anti-Islamic and inhumane terrorist crime in the north of the Sinai Peninsula that has hitherto caused 235 casualties and numerous injuries, offers its deepest condolences to the Egyptian people and the government of Egypt, especially to the families of victims, and prays for speedy recovery for the wounded.

The brutal crime against humanity in the Sinai Peninsula, particularly against the worshipers, once again showed that the criminal terrorism under the banner of Islam, whether Shia or Sunni, not only has nothing to do with Islam, but is in stark contrast to its great teachings.

The Iranian people, who have been suffering terrorism and fundamentalism for four decades, and 120,000 of their children have been executed by the terrorists ruling Iran, feel the suffering of the Egyptian people well and share it.

This anti-human terrorism in its current dimensions has emerged in the aftermath of the rise of religious fascism in Iran in 1979. For four decades, the Velayat-e faqih state ruling Iran has been practically the capital of export of terrorism and fundamentalism, and encourager, promoter, educator and exporter of terrorism, and all terrorist entities are directly or indirectly linked to this crime center. The regime is exploiting those countries in the region that has close relations with them to develop and spread terrorism and fundamentalism. In order to put an end to this cycle of blood and horror, it must be defeated in its center in Tehran under the rule of the mullahs.

National Council of Resistance of Iran – Foreign Affairs Committee
November 24, 2017