A Qeshm Airplane Will Fly to Sofia Thursday Night to Return Mansouri and Two Prisoners to Iran

A Qeshm Airplane Will Fly to Sofia Thursday Night to Return Mansouri and Two Prisoners to Iran
The National Council of Resistance of Iran – Committee on Security and Counterterrorism

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Romanian prosecutor’s office has not allowed Mansouri to leave following a complaint and political activities

A Qeshm airline plane is scheduled to arrive in Sofia this evening and return immediately to Tehran. Hassan Qassemi, former deputy CEO of Iran Air is supervising the flight. Eshaq Alizadeh, Iranian regime’s Interpol representative, will be on board to take delivery of the prisoners.

Tonight’s flight is intended to take delivery and returning Gholamreza Mansouri and two ordinary prisoners to Tehran to serve their time in prison there.

Owning to a complaint filed, and political and international activities undertaken in Europe and the United States, the Romanian prosecutor’s office has not yet allowed Gholamreza Mansouri to leave Romania and go to Bulgaria.

Mohammad Javad Rasouli Mahallati, the Iranian regime’s ambassador to Bulgaria, who had arranged everything, said that everything had been coordinated to transfer Mansouri into the plane after his arrival in Sofia.

Morteza Abutalebi, the regime’s ambassador to Romania, had previously reported that Gholamreza Mansouri had visited the embassy and sought to return to Iran.

Mahallati and Abutalebi reported separately to Tehran that a new challenge has emerged for the Foreign Ministry because of the “sabotage.” The regime’s embassies are furious over the lack of cooperation by several regime officials in this regard. Sources in the regime’s Foreign Ministry reportedly said, “Everything was going well and away from the attention of the press. The flight was arranged with great difficulty and coordination with the Bulgarian government and domestic parties. Problems with the sanctions and refueling were resolved. But with the intervention of the press and interviews, everything is ruined, and now the prosecutor’s offices of Bulgaria, Romania and Germany are pursuing the matter. They want to persuade Mansouri by offering him money or anything else to speak out against the Islamic Republic.” (The document is available and could be submitted to the court).

The Security and Counterterrorism Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) announced on Tuesday, June 16, at 3 am that the IRGC was trying to return Gholamreza Mansouri to Tehran on Wednesday by sending a private plane to the Bulgarian capital. Subsequently, the regime’s embassy in Bulgarian reluctantly announced 14 hours later at 5 pm CEST, “Due to the problems for a number of compatriots in Bulgaria, in particular, and in the Balkans in general, because of the suspension of foreign flights to our country as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak and the impossibility of returning compatriots to the country, permission was received to fly an extraordinary Qeshm Air flight to Sofia to repatriate compatriots after consultations with Bulgarian officials and domestic airlines.” It added, “considering the finalization of the above-mentioned flight from Tehran to Sofia and vice versa)had been finalized,” we further draw the attention of our dear compatriots to the problems of entering and leaving Bulgaria, and ask them to “prepare the necessary documents and purchase tickets as soon as possible.” It then classified five groups of Iranians whose entry to Bulgaria is facilitated. They include Iranians “who have a valid residence permit in the surrounding countries and Schengen countries and the Balkans.” Gholamreza Mansouri, who came to Europe on a Schengen visa, appears to be covered by the same clause.

National Council of Resistance of Iran

Security and Counterterrorism Committee

June 18, 2020

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