on the Verge of the Arab League Summit in Jordan

Iranian Resistance calls for eviction of mullahs’ regime, IRGC & proxy militias from the region

On the verge of the Arab League Summit in Jordan, the Iranian Resistance emphasizes on the necessity to evict the mullahs’ regime and expel the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and associated proxy militia groups from countries across the Middle East. Designating the IRGC and all affiliates as terrorists is the first and most important step in bringing an end to all wars and increasing crises currently engulfing large portions of the Arab and Islamic World.

Iranian Spy Sentenced to Prison in Germany

Necessity to blacklist the Revolutionary Guards

The Berlin Criminal Court has sentenced an Iranian spy by the name of Mostafa Heydar S. to four years and three months behind bars. This spy had gathered intelligence for Iran’s “Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force” with the objective of conducting terrorist attacks in Germany and France, according to German security authorities.

Khamenei Grants Iranian Citizenship to the Afghan Mercenaries to Expand Their Dispatch to Syria

As the clerical regime of Iran is facing problem in sending more forces to Syria due to its extensive losses in that country, Khamenei has ordered Iranian citizenship to be granted to those Afghan citizens who are involved in the killing of the Syrian people in the Army called Fatemune, announced a mullah by the name of Mohammad-Ali Shahidi Mahallati, head of a foundation called Shahid (Javan Newspaper affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps - IRGC, March 12, 2017)

Iran:  the Terrorist Mullah's Trip to Europe Must Be Canceled

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the trip of criminal cleric Hashem Hosseini Boushehri, a member of the Presidency of the Assembly of Experts and Vice Chairman of two organs of the regime for the export of terrorism and fundamentalism called "Al-Mustafa Society" and "Al-Zahra Society" to Austria and calls for its cancellation. The mandate of Al-Mustafa Society and Al-Zahra Society is the recruitment of non-Iranian mercenaries and training and organizing them for terrorist operations and expansion of Islamic extremism outside of Iran.

Iranian Resistance Welcomes New Sanctions on Iran Regime

Position of Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), on new sanctions imposed on the Iranian regime: 

While welcoming the new sanctions,

The need for additional sanctions on the Revolutionary Guards and other entities involved in suppression, terrorism and fundamentalism must be recognized

Middle East peace relies on firm action vis-à-vis Iran violating UNSC resolution

Missiles launched under Khamenei authorization & Rouhani's orders

The Iranian Resistance emphasizes the need for a firm reaction vis-à-vis Iran’s mullahs for violating United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, and continuing to build and test-launch ballistic missiles able to deliver nuclear payloads. Such action is needed to establish peace and tranquility, and stand against continued regional warmongering by Iran.

The Appointment of the Qods Force Deputy Commander as the Ambassador to Iraq Is to Continue and Expand Meddling in This Country

Khamenei, in order to continue and expand its criminal meddling in Iraq, has appointed Revolutionary Guard Brigadier General Iraj Masjedi, deputy commander of the terrorist Qods Force, as the new ambassador to that country. In the past 30 years, Masjedi has always played a key role in terrorist operations of the clerical regime outside Iran, particularly in Iraq and Syria.

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