German Politician Assassination Plot Highlights Necessity to End Relations With Iran

The assassination plot targeting German politician Reinhold Robbe and spying on a business college in Paris and a professor of this facility, all by the religious fascism ruling Iran, redouble the necessity to end relations with this terrorist and fundamentalist regime, and to expel its agents from these European countries. Inaction vis-à-vis a regime described by the Iranian people as the “Godfather of Daesh (ISIS/ISIL)” has encouraged it to escalate its espionage and efforts to execute terrorist attacks.

The Iranian Regime's IRGC and Militia Conspire to Violate the Truce in Syria

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and its affiliated militia are making every effort to breach the ceasefire and resume killing innocent people on the orders of the Iranian regime's supreme leader Ali Khamenei. The IRGC, its militia and the Assad Army continued their criminal attacks in Wadi Barada, northwest of Damascus, on Thursday and Friday (December 29 and 30) in a bid to rekindle the war.

Iran IRGC commanding Aleppo killings from “Fort Behuth” southeast of the city

IRGC presence, transfer of weapons to Syria are flagrant violations of UNSC resolutions

The main Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) command center and barracks in Aleppo is at “Fort Behuth,” located 30 kilometers southeast of the city (5 kilometers south of the city of al-Safire). Iran has named this site as “Fort Hazrat Roqiye,” under the command of IRGC Brigadier General Seyed Javad Ghafari, commanding all IRGC forcers in Aleppo.

Iran: Death Toll of the IRGC and Its Mercenaries in Syria Is More Than Ten Thousand

Security and Anti-terrorism Committee

Names of 69 IRGC forces – Brigadier and IRGC forces-Colonels killed in Syria

According to Mullah Seyyed Mohammad Ali Shahidi Mahallati, Khamenei’s representative in “Martyrs and Veterans affairs foundation” and Rouhani’s deputy, the number of IRGC forces killed in the Syria war is more than one thousand. In a seminar on the occasion of “Bassij Week” he stressed: “Number of our country’s martyrs defending the holy shrine has exceeded one thousand and we owe all of them. (Tasnim- the terrorist Quds force daily -Nov. 22, 2016)

Repeated violations of Security Council Resolution 2231 with launching missiles and export of weapons to Syria upon Khamenei's order

Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, Khamenei's top advisor who was the regime's chief of staff until this summer, said, "His excellency (Khamenei) approved launching missile 'Emad'. No rockets are fired in this country unless having been approved by the Commander in Chief. Even for launching missiles in military drills, permission from the leader of revolution (Khamenei) is needed… he even determines the launching time and decides when it should be fired." (Tasnim, the Quds Force news agency- November 12)

UNGA Third Committee condemns Iranian regime's interventions in Syria with an overwhelming majority

Any solution for Syria which does not ensure complete expulsion of the Iranian regime and its IRGC is doomed to fail

The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution Tuesday, November 15, 2016, on "the grave deterioration of the human rights situation" in Syria, strongly condemning the terrorist interventions including by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps in that country.

The Iranian Resistance Condemns Terrorist Attack in Pakistan's Balochistan Province

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the cowardly, terrorist attacks on Sufi shrines in the 'Khuzdar' region of Pakistan's Balochistan province in which a large number of people have been killed and wounded.

The Iranian Resistance expresses its condolences to the people and government of this country, especially the survivors of the victims of this heinous crime, and wishes a speedy recovery for the wounded.

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