Welcoming Positions of Arab Community Against Clerical Regime and Calling for Effective and Feasible Action

Iranian Resistance welcomes the decisions adopted by the extraordinary summit of the foreign ministers of Arab States, such as condemnation of the mullahs’ regime for "its continued involvement in Arab affairs which feeds sectarian and religious strife" and "support for terrorism and terrorist groups in Arab States with advanced weapons and ballistic missiles," and the referral to the United Nations Security Council for "violations of Resolution No. 2231 on the development of the ballistic missile program" and "violations of the Resolution (2216)" with regard to Yemen….and considers it as a necessary step to confront the policy of exporting fundamentalism and terrorism of the mullahs regime ruling Iran that must be completed with a series of practical measures.

Iran Regime to Establish Weapons Factories and Expand Presence of IRGC in Syria

According to reports received from the mullahs’ regime, Revolutionary Guards’ (IRGC) Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, the head of the Iranian regime’s Armed Forces, has made an urgent trip to Syria on October 17, 2017. Some details are as follows:

1. The planning for the trip, during which Bagheri met with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, and the Minister of Defense and the head of Armed Forces of the Assad regime, was done only a few days in advance and was carried out in an unusual and special manner.

A Criminal Member of IRGC, Appointed Top Inspector of Khamenei's Office

 Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the clerical regime, appointed Hussein Fada'i, a notorious torturer of Evin prison and one of the IRGC commanders during the Iran-Iraq War, as the head of its inspection office. The task of which is to justify and facilitate the assassinations, killings and looting of people's property by Khamenei and his associated organs. Before Fada'i, mullah Nategh Nouri, from Khamenei’s faction, held this position for many years; however, he inevitably left it because of not supporting the candidacy of Ibrahim Raisi in the lates sham “presidential elections.”

The Iranian Resistance Strongly Condemns the Terror Attack in New York and Extends Its Condolences to the Families of the Victims

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the terror attack and savage killing and wounding of defenseless people in New York, and offers its deepest condolences and sympathies to the families of the victims of this grievous event. The NCRI wishes quick recovery for those wounded in this tragedy.

Killing innocent and defenseless people under any pretext is a crime against humanity which has nothing to do with Shiite or Sunni Islam, and sharply contradicts the teachings of this great religion. The perpetrators of these crimes are the worst enemies of the God, humanity, and Islam.

Welcoming New Sanctions Against IRGC Commanders and Affiliates

The Iranian Resistance welcomes sanctions by the US Treasury Department against a number of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commanders and affiliates, engaged in suppressing and plundering the Iranian people as well as export of terrorism and proliferation of ballistic missiles. The Iranian Resistance views this as a necessary step in dealing with the clerical regime’s suppressive, belligerent, and terrorist policies and proliferation of ballistic missiles that endanger the peace and tranquility in the region.

Iran - Rouhani: Hysterical Remarks Against PMOI, Defending War, Terrorism and Accumulation of Ballistic Missiles

Rouhani, president of the Iranian regime, in his speech in the parliament on October 29th, showed his anger and fear of the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance. He also emphasized the continuation of criminal meddling of the regime in the region and its plan for the production of ballistic missiles and their storage.

He said: "We produced, are producing, and will produce ... We shall not hesitate in producing and storing any weapon we might need and using them at the time necessary to defend ourselves.”

Intensified Belligerence and Terrorism Make Expulsion of IRGC From the Region More Imperative

The role of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in the attack on Kirkuk and various cities in Iraqi Kurdistan, which displaced a large number of people in the area, once again highlighted the IRGC's destructive role in regional crises.

The Peshmarga Force commander said in Kirkuk on Sunday, October 15, "The Iraqi Army and Popular Mobilization Forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) are not the only ones who attack us. We have 100% accurate knowledge that the IRGC are also present among them."

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