Iran: Uniform mandatory dress for women

The Iranian regime has ratified an amendment to the misogynic bill dubbed “Protecting sanctity of hijab and morality” thereby adding to the scale of oppression and pressure against Iranian women. According to this amendment, all women employees have to wear a uniform dress determined by the Iranian regime (IRNA state news agency – November 2).

IRAN: Acid attack on 5 Kurdish women in a month

NCRI - On Wednesday August 12, Afsaneh Ghorbani, a 37-year-old Kurd woman in the city of Baneh in Kurdistan province became the victim of acid attack by state criminal organized gangs. Thus in the last month five Kurd women have been attacked by acid, 4 of which in the city of Bukan (West Azarbaijan Province).

Splashing acid on the face of defenceless Iranian women, that is carried out on the pretext of mal-veiling to intensify the atmosphere of fear in the society, began from September 2014 in Isfahan and Tehran that now has been extended to other cities of Iran.

Iran regime intensifies suppression of women and gender apartheid

NCRI - The Iranian regime parliament is deliberating on a scheme dubbed “protecting hijab and chastity” in order to ramp up the atmosphere of terror in the society and to intensify suppression of women in particular. Most of the articles of this 13-article legislation that was in general ratified by regime’s parliament last October aims at limiting women’s employment and imposing still further pressure and suppression of women on the mullahs-fabricated pretext of “mal-veiling”.

According to one of the ratified articles of this legislation, if the driver or passenger of a vehicle takes off her veil… she will be fined one million rials and the driving license of the driver will get 10 negative points.

IRAN: Call to secure immediate release of Nargess Mohammadi

Ms. Narges Mohammadi

Political prisoner Narges Mohammadi is in poor condition due to lack of medical care

NCRI - Political prisoner and human rights activist Ms. Narges Mohammadi remains medically uncared for despite her deteriorating conditions. Yesterday, following eight hours of muscle paralysis, she was transferred to a hospital outside prison. However, despite the insistence of the physicians that she needs medical care, she was returned back to Evin Prison while partially unconscious.

Julie Ward MEP speaks out on the situation of women in Iran

NCRI – The major world powers’ recent nuclear deal with the regime in Iran should not lead the West to ignore the appalling state of human rights in the country, Julie Ward, a Member of the European Parliament from the United Kingdom, said in an online interview with

In her opening statement during the online Q&A session this week, Ms. Ward said that the deals being made with the regime in Iran greatly concern her, especially the deals that may result in greater legitimacy being given to the regime. She said: “Deals can’t come at the price of human rights.”

IRAN: Acid attacks against 4 Kurdish women during Ramadan

NCRI - Four Kurdish women and young girls in Bukan (West Azerbaijan Province in northwestern Iran) were victims of acid attacks by the misogynists ruling in Iran.

These crimes were carried out on Tuesday, July 14th on Kurdistan Boulevard in the city of Bukan where a woman and three young girls were taking a walk when they were targeted and severely wounded in this criminal acid attack.

One of the victims, Susane Ismaeel Nezhad, a 24-year old construction student in college, saw her back severely injured.

Iran: Ratcheting up repressive policy against women, gender discrimination

 Iranian security forces harassing women on the bogus charge of mal-veiling

Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran urges women and freedom-loving youth of Iran to protest regime’s suppressive policies

NCRI - In the past week, the Iranian regime has ratcheted up repression of women. Hassan Rouhani’s Interior Ministry has issued a directive for forced veiling. On the advice of the regime’s leaders, the directive was first issued to government and private businesses. The agency dubbed “Headquarters to safeguard public security sanctum and citizens’ rights” issued a 10-point directive to all governorships and provincial executive departments in this regard (Tasnim News Agency, affiliated with the Qods Force – June 20).

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