Iran: Regime bans female singer from stage

A female singer has been banned from performing with her group at a concert in Tehran.

Iranian authorities said the show would only be allowed to go ahead if Azerbaijani singer Fargana Qasimov watched her band perform from the sidelines.

Iran: Mullahs’ regime acknowledges 3000 women in Tehran sleep in streets

In a shocking statistics, Rahmatollah Hafezi, an official of Tehran Municipality, acknowledged that there are 3000 women who sleep in the streets just in Tehran alone. According to Reza Jahangiri, another official of Tehran’s municipality, the average age of these women has declined to 17-18 years. He stated that the reason for the increase in the number of women who sleep in the streets is due to the spread of addiction.

Hafezi, Chair of the Health and Environment Commission in the city council, announced on Friday, November 21, that the number of tramps in Tehran is 15000. This regime official acknowledged that the clerical regime has not provided any shelter for these wretched women. This is at a time when the cold season has caused harsher conditions for the poor and in the past two weeks people in 14 provinces are living in difficult conditions due to the heavy snow and rain fall (Tasnim News Agency, affiliated with the terrorist Qods Force – November 21).

Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh arrested

Agents of the Iranian regime's Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) on Saturday, October 25 arrested Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh outside the Interior Ministry while she was protesting against the recent wave of brutal acid attacks on women and girls.

The clerical regime had already revoked Ms. Sotoudeh's license for practicing law for three years for defending a number of Iranian political prisoners.

Iran: Acid attacks continue, a 24-year-old woman in Isfahan targeted

NCRI - On Friday night, October 24, the criminal gangs affiliated with the clerical regime attacked a 24-year-old woman and in an anti-human atrocity splashed acid on her face. This crime was committed at 8:10 pm at the 3-way intersection of Malek Shahr of Esfahan by three criminals riding motorcycles who had their faces covered. One of the eyewitnesses identified one of the criminals as a member of the IRGC Basij force in that district.

According to further information received, one of the cases of acid attacks in Tehran took place on Tuesday night (October 21) in the street across from the Tohid Metro where criminals riding motorcycles splashed acid on the face of a middle-aged woman who was inside a vehicle. Over half of this woman’s face was burnt by acid.

NCRI Women’s Committee calls for protests against splashing acid on Iranian women and girls

Rise in protests against the anti-human crimes of the clerical regime and the splashing of acid on women and support the zealous Iranian women, especially the victims of this tragedy

Ms. Sarvnaz Chitsaz, Chair of the NCRI Women’s Committee, expressed strong abhorrence for the tragic crime of splashing acid on the faces of women and girls in different cities. She described the courageous demonstrations by the people and youth in Esfahan and Tehran as a clear indication of the popular wrath and hatred for the misogynic regime of mullahs and the popular desire of Iranian people to overthrow this regime. She called on all women throughout Iran to rise in protest against this anti-human crime and to actively participate in the protest demonstrations planned for October 25 and to support the valiant women of Iran, in particular the victims of this ominous crime.

NCRI Women’s Committee condemns execution of lraqi women's rights activist

The Women's Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran offers its condolences to the family of Ms. Salih Ali al-Nuaimy, Iraqi lawyer and human rights activist that was executed in public in the city of Mosul by the terrorist ISIS group on charge of blasphemy.

Iranian regime intensifies gender segregation in fear of social unrest

NCRI - The implementation of the repressive gender segregation plan of segregating male and female employees in Tehran municipality which was announced last month by Tehran's Mayor Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf plan is now spreading to other agencies within the Iranian regime, according to the reports by state-run media reports.

The repressive measure has angered various sectors of the society particularly the women. The furious reaction has forced the regimes' officials to try to defend their misogynous plan.

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