Gender allocation of universities a step further in suppression of women in Iran

NCRI - Today, the mullahs' regime's Majlis (parliament) began a discussion on a plan called "gender allocation of universities," the state-run daily Aftab-Yazd reported.
Sarfaraz Iyzadi, a member of Education and Scientific Research Committee of Majlis claimed, "Before the revolution [in 1979], there were certain restriction on female attendance in some scientific fields such as Mine [Engineering], Agricultural [Engineering], and Mechanical [Engineering] which they did not agree with the women's physical strength."

The mullahs' agents abducted and brutally murdered president of Iraqi Women Syndicate

Amereh Abdul-Karim Al-Aqabi NCRI - The mullahs' agents abducted and brutally murdered president of the Iraqi Women Syndicate (IWS), Ms. Amereh Abdul-Karim Al-Aqabi in Iraq.

Ms. Al-Aqabi was one of the fierce opponents of the Iranian regime's meddling in Iraq. She was also one of the co-sponsors of the historic statement by 5.2 million Iraqis in June 2006 which called for eviction of the mullahs' regime from her country.

Ms. Al-Aqabi was involved in extensive activities to improve the role of Iraqi women in the society. As the president of IWS, she led a major resistance against fundamentalism and increasing restrictions imposed on Iraqi women.

Regime's Guardian Council ratifies suppressive Fashion and Clothing Plan

NCRI - The mullahs' Majlis "revised" the Fashion and Clothing Plan to gain the approval of the Guardian Council, the state-run news agency Fars reported on January 2.

According to the report, "A committee has been formed which is comprised of a representative with full power from the ministries of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Higher Education, Industry and Commerce as well as the state radio and television, the Directorate of State Planning, and three representatives from related industries (fashion designers) and a representative from the Majlis Culture Committee as the inspector.

Iran : Gender segregation in public places; a step further in suppression

NCRI - The mullahs' inhuman regime in line with its suppressive misogynous policies is rapidly imposing further gender segregation in public places such as government offices, universities, schools, hospitals and even parks.

In its latest plan, the Head of Administration and Finance of the Social Welfare Organization, Akbar Abbasi Maleki has sent an official memorandum to the regional directors of this organization nationwide instructing them to expedite "gender segregation in work places in order to preserve Islamic culture."

Creation of a new organ to suppress women in Iran

Stark deterioration of state of prisons

NCRI - The chief of the State Security Forces (SSF) in Greater Tehran, Brig. Gen. Ahmad-Reza Radan, announced the creation of "Women Police Precincts" in Tehran.

Iran: Execution of women a direct result of the mullahs' foreign and domestic turmoil

NCRI - Deputy Commander of State Security Forces in Khorassan Province, Brig. Gen. Satar Bozorgmehar announced a new suppressive plan called "National Security" under which 4,518 mal-veiled women had already been arrested, the state-run news agency Mehr reported on September 11.

He added that the plan would be implemented through new patrols called "Anti-Vice Patrols" which are comprised of both stationary and mobile units.

Simultaneously, the government-run media reported that the death sentences for two young women identified as Shahla Jahed and Kobra Rahman-pour were upheld by the mullahs' judiciary. One of the regime's female Majlis deputies, Eshrat Sha'egh, expressed amazement at the media for paying any attention to the upholding of their sentences.

Iran : Last month, 64,000 women in Tehran were reprimanded on charges of "mal-veiling"

NCRI - The state-run news agency ISNA reported that on Sunday the commander of State Security Forces' Internal Security Division in Greater Tehran Brig. Gen. Mohammad Alipour announced that in the past month, 64,000 "mal-veiled" women were reprimanded.

Alipour said, "In one month, 63,963 mal-veiled women were either warned or reprimanded, and 1,149 vehicles whose occupants were either mal-veiled or creating noise pollution were confiscated."

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