Iran plans to expand misogynistic and oppressive measures at universities

The mullahs' anti-human regime, on the eve of new academic year, has resorted to new repressive and misogynistic measures in universities and educational centers in fear of student protests. The suppressive plan, called "chastity and the veil," reflects the fact that women's oppression is still among the chief policies of the regime. The plan was instructed by the Rouhani government to universities.

Iran: Khamenei issues fatwa banning women from riding bicycles

Ali Khamenei, the mullahs' supreme leader, issued a ridiculous fatwa banning women's bicycling in public and in front of strangers. He said: "Riding bicycle often attracts the attention of men and exposes the society to corruption, and thus contravenes women's chastity, and it must be abandoned." (The state-run media, September 10, 2016)

Iran: 4,400 clothes shops shut down for violating compulsory dress-code standards

Hossein Sajedi-Nia, Commander of the State Security Forces, announced that "more than 4,400 clothes shops were shut down" just last year "for offering indecent apparel violating public morality."

Speaking at a meeting on "virtue and the veil", he acknowledged the failure of the regime's suppressive measures against Iranian women, adding that "the current status of the hijab and virtue does not conform to an Islamic society. The monitoring of women's veiling over the past 15 years indicates that the situation has gradually worsened."

Iran: Female political prisoners in Evin barred from correspondence with their families

The misogynic Iranian regime issued a directive prohibiting all correspondence between female prisoners in Evin Prison and their families. The women’s ward holds only female political prisoners.

Female political prisoners in Evin face all sorts of restrictions, including shortage of space and beds, poor quality of food, lack of heating and cooling, and lack of cultural nourishment. The regime ramps up pressures on them, especially the mothers, by imposing all sorts of restrictions on them during family visits and by depriving them of phone calls with their relatives outside prison.

Iran: A woman publicly flogged

The misogynic Iranian regime publicly flogged a female prisoner on April 27 in Golpayegan County, Esfahan Province. The religious fascism ruling Iran has intensified repression in recent weeks to control the society and as usual women are bearing the brunt of this pressure and repression.

Accordingly, Tehran’s suppressive security forces announced on April 16 a new round of repression upon the pretext of battling mal-veiling: “Since this morning, police officers in the form of various patrols have been deployed in various sections of the capital and will confront mal-veiling and lack of hijab inside vehicles…” (ISNA state news agency – April 16).

NCRI Women’s Committee calls for annulment of death penalty in Iran

Women's Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran calls for annulment of death penalty, especially against women and youth

The misogynic mullahs’ regime hanged Amene Rezaian, a female prisoner in Kashmar Prison, on April 14, on the verge of a visit by the EU High Representative Ms. Federica Mogherini to Iran. Rezaian, 43, had been in prison for two years. Thus, the number of prisoners executed in the past six days stands at 14. At this time, at least one other woman in the women’s ward of this prison awaits execution.

NCRI’s Women’s Committee condemns aggressions against women in Europe

NCRI - The Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran expresses its abhorrence over the recent aggressive measures targeting women and girls this New Year’s Eve in a number of European cities including Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg. On behalf of Iranian women, especially those who have risen in the struggle against the religious fascism ruling Iran, this committee also expresses its sympathy with the victims of these criminal aggressions and calls for the identification and speedy punishment of those perpetrators involved.

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