Iran-Women: Women cannot enter any field, including financial and economic arenas - Khamenei

Women suppression in IranSupreme Leader insisted on gender apartheid

NCRI, September 3 - In an appalling and misogynistic comment, mullahs' Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei tried to justify gender apartheid and denying women the right to political and social activity under the medieval theocracy ruling Iran.

In remarks carried by the state-controlled news agency, IRNA, last Sunday, Khamenei said, "Men are suited to enter economic and financial arenas... Women, however, have preoccupations. They must give birth and feed the child, and they are physically, psychologically and emotionally soft. They cannot enter into every field. They cannot tolerate every interaction. These create restrictions for women in financial and economic fields and related activities. Men do not have these restrictions. In this respect, privilege must be given to men because they are strong."

Impressive success of women in nationwide university entrance exams

Women in IranDespite systematic discrimination in law and practice as well as widespread social privations and increasing pressures in the family, Iranian women achieved impressive success in nationwide university entrance exams.

Based on official results, 61.3 percent of those accepted in the nationwide exams this year were women. Out of five major fields of study, women came in first in three, experimental sciences, mathematics and technical sciences as well as liberal arts. In two other fields, foreign languages and human sciences, women were among the top five.

Thousands of Tehran residents join women's anti-government demonstration

ImageThousands of Tehran residents join women's anti-government demonstration, call for election boycott

Maryam Rajavi calls for urgent action by international bodies to secure release of detained demonstrators

Call on international community to protest blatant insult to Iranian women

Iranian Resistance calls on international community to protest clerical regime's blatant insult to Iranian women

In blatantly threatening language, the commander of State Security Forces in Tehran warned today that "models of corruption out in public places will be dealt with." His remarks were reported by the Iranian regime's news agency, ILNA.

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