IRAN – Protests: At Least 30 Protesters Killed

From left: ​Hamzeh Ashtizand and Armin Sadeghi, 13, killed during anti-government protests respectively on ​30 Dec. 2017​ and ​1 Jan. 2018​.

Statement 26 – Iran Uprising

By late Monday night, 2 January 2018, at the end of the fifth day of the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people against the clerical regime, IRGC and other state security forces have shot dead at least 30 protesters. Ten of the deaths came on Monday in Ghahdirijan (Isfahan province). Other cities in which state security forces have killed protesters were Doroud, Izeh, Toysirkan, Shahin-Shahr, Hamedan, and Nourabad.

Iran: More Than 90% of the Detainees Are Under the Age of 25

Iran Uprising -No. 25

IRGC Brigadier Hossein Zolfaghari, the security deputy of the Interior Ministry, threatened protesters on Monday, January 1st to reinforce more control, acknowledging that more than 90 percent of the detainees are youths and teenagers with an average age of under 25. ILNA, the state news agency, wrote on January 1st that by Sunday law enforcement and judicial authorities had reported more than 400 people were arrested during recent protests.

At Least 12 Protesters Were Killed in Two Days by Revolutionary Guards


Iran Uprising - No. 24

On the fifth day of the nationwide uprising against the mullahs’ regime, people took to the streets en mass in Tehran and dozens of other cities across the country, chanting “Death to Khamenei”, “Khamenei, shame on you, Let go the country”. This is while the repressive forces are in full alert and are using their full force to prevent the formation of demonstrations and gatherings. In many cities, there are intense clashes between the people and the IRGC forces.

IRAN: Judiciary Chief Orders Protesters Crackdown

Iran uprising - No. 23

Fearing the escalating nationwide anti-regime protests, the head of the Iranian regime’s Judiciary, Sadegh Amoli Larijani, said: “I ask all prosecutors across the country to enter …. And their approach must be firm.”
He urged the regime’s repressive law enforcement institutions and judicial authorities to deal with the “rioters.” (News Network, State Television, January 1, 2018)

Two Demonstrators Killed in Izeh and One in Toyserkan With Direct Shots of the Revolutionary Guards

Ira Uprising - No. 21

On the fourth day of the nationwide uprising, at least two protesters in the city of Izeh (Khuzestan province) were martyred by direct shots of the Revolutionary Guards, and some were injured. The ambulance and shooting sounds come from all over the city.

Demonstrations and Clashes Continue in Tehran Throughout the Night

Iran Uprising -No. 20

Demonstrations and clashes across Tehran continued till late in the night. In order to confront the attacks by anti-riot mercenaries, the youth set fire to garbage bins at Enqelab Ave- Kargar. They also chanted, “Do not fear, do not fear, we are all together” and “Death to Dictator”. The people clashed with the guards and punished them.

A Protester Killed in Tuyserkan by Direct Shot of Revolutionary Guards

Iran Uprising-No. 19

On the fourth day of the nationwide uprising against the mullahs’ regime, demonstrations continue in different cities across the country such as Tehran, Kermanshah, Tuyserkan, Dorood, Gorgan, Ilam, Shahriar, Mashhad, Chabahar, Ardebil, Maragheh, Urmia, Nahavand, Khoy, Sanandaj, Behshahr, Takestan, Shooshtar, Tabriz, Rasht, Khoramdarreh, Esfahan and others.

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