Burning of Government Vehicles in Tuyserkan and Kermanshah

Iran Uprising-No. 18

The scope of the uprising against the mullahs’ regime continues to spread and includes vaster parts of Iran.

In Tuyserkan, the people booed the anti-riot unit that was making a lot of noise to intimidate the people. The regime’s mercenaries fired tear gas to disperse the protesters. The people set ablaze a government vehicle in front of the governorate.

Mullahs' Regime, Caught in Surprise and Confused, Admits to the Extent of Uprising and the Role of PMOI/MEK


Iran’s Uprising - No. 17

On the fourth day of the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people to overthrow the mullahs’ regime, the regime’s officials were compelled to acknowledge the anger and disgust of the people against the regime and the extent of the uprising.

Iran: Protesters Set Ablaze Portraits of Khamenei, Ghassem Soleimani, Invade Goverment Centers

Iran Uprising - No. 16

On Saturday December 30, on the third day of the nationwide uprising, the flames of uprising against the clerical regime became more intense and the people, especially the women and youth of various cities, confronted the attacks of the repressive forces and invaded many government centers.

IRAN: Taking Down the Banner of Khamenei and the Fearful Reactions of Regime Officials

Iran Uprising – No. 14

Courageous youth in Azadi Square took down Khamenei's banner. The repressive forces tried to disperse the people by tear gas. The protesters chanted “Bastard, bastard!”

Mohammad Jawad Azari Jahromi, Minister of Communications and Information Technology of the regime, in a tweet sent to the Founder of the Telegram Network, wrote: "There is a Telegram channel spreading hatred, encouraging people to use Molotov cocktails, to arm and to unsettle the society. Now it's time to stop such an encouragement by Telegram."

Two Protesters Killed by Revolutionary Guards Shooting, in the City of Doroud

Iran Uprising – No. 15

This evening, on the third day of nationwide uprising of the Iranian people, the criminal Revolutionary Guards opened fire on the demonstration of brave people of Doroud and killed at least two protesters. This inhuman crime occurred while the suppressive forces failed to disperse protesters by tear gas and beating. The names and particulars of the martyrs will be announced later.

Iran: Regime's Officials Acknowledge Widespread Anti-Government Protests

Iran Uprising – No. 13

Following the Saturday morning demonstration of Tehran University students and protests by people and the youth in various parts of Tehran, Rouhani’s Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli called the gatherings unlawful and begged the people "not to participate in such unlawful gatherings because they cause trouble for themselves and other citizens.”

Iranian Regime's Counter-Protest Fails, University Students Chant: "Reformist Hardliners Game is up"

Uprising Iran - No. 12

On the third day of the latest nationwide uprising in Iran, the clerical regime’s attempt to organize a counter-demonstration ended in a dismal embarrassment.

Fearing the reaction by angry protesters, the clerical regime went against its own norms and cancelled its march in Tehran and resorted to a mere gathering.

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