Demonstrators in Karamshah: Political Prisoners Must Be Freed. Rise up, Rise up You, Young Iranians !

Uprising, No to High Prices - No. 8

During the uprising of the heroic people in the city of Kermanshah, the capital of the Western Kermanshah province on the morning of Friday December 29, people tore down the regime's signs and banners, especially the Basij and IRGC banners. The anti-riot forces attacked the demonstrators with batton and severely beat and injured a number of people. The suppressive forces also began to disperse the people with the opening of high pressure water. The women with the slogan of "Shame, Shame, Police shame", "Do not be afraid, we are all together," challenged the mercenaries.

Uprising in Iranian Cities Is Death Knell for Mullahs' Regime: Maryam Rajavi

Uprising No to High Prices - No. 7

Maryam Rajavi: Uprisings of Kermanshah and Mashhad and other cities are death knell for the corrupt dictatorship of mullahs, and the rise of democracy, justice and popular sovereignty

NCRI - Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, saluted the people of Kermanshah and other cities who rose up on Friday chanting “death or freedom”, “death to Rouhani”, “death to the dictator”, and “political prisoners must be freed”, and took part in protests against high prices, poverty and corruption.

Kermanshah: Demonstration With Slogans "Death to the Dictator" And "Bread; Job; Freedom"

Uprising No to High Prices-No. 6

In solidarity with the people of Mashhad uprising and "No to High Prices" demonstration, the people of Kermanshah since Friday morning, December 29, rushed to the streets and chanted slogans “death to the dictator”, “do not be afraid, do not be afraid, we are all together”, “Death to Rouhani”, “political prisoners should be freed”. The number of demonstrators is increasing.

Military and Security Forces in Full Alert in Fear of the Continuation of the Mashhad Uprising

Uprising No to High Prices – No. 5

The clerical regime in fear of the continuation of the Mashhad uprising sent a message to all security forces, in which they wrote: "Urgent – Red situation - All forces to present themselves in the field!!!”

The scenes of the uprising of December 28 in Mashhad marked the explosion of anger and the culmination of the rebellion of the people who lost all their belongings in this repressive and corrupt regime. In one scene, when people saw a cleric, they started to shout unanimously: "Mullahs! Be ashamed, leave the country".

Iran: Arrest of More Than 100 Protesters in Mashhad

Uprising No to High Prices- No. 4

In today's demonstrations in Mashhad, the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) forces, Basij militia on motorcycles, plainclothes guards, and riot police arrested a large number of protesters. The number of detainees in Mashhad is at least 100.

Iran: Mashhad Uprising Spreads to Neyshabour, Kashmar, Shahrood, Birjand, Noshahr and Yazd


Uprising No to High Costs- No. 3

Simultaneous with the Mashhad uprising, the people of Neyshabur, Kashmar, Shahrood, Birjand, Noshahr and Yazd also protested against the high costs and dire living conditions.

During their rally and when passing through Naderi Garden and in response to the raid by the IRGC and the anti-riot security forces and their shooting, the people of Mashhad chanted: "Guns and tanks are of no use anymore.”

Iran: 10,000 People Demonstrate in Mashhad Chanting "Death to the Dictator" "No to High Prices"

No to High Prices- No 2

The demonstration of the people of Mashhad, which began this morning at Shohada square in front of the city's municipality, spread quickly to a vast area of the city, with the participation of about 10,000 people. Demonstrators, who included men, women, elderly people, youths and children, chanted "No to high prices", "Rouhani’s government; with empty promises", "If you stop one case of embezzlement, our problems will be solved", "Neither Gaza, nor Lebanon, my soul is sacrificed for Iran”. The presence of women in this gathering was remarkable.

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