Iran: 10,000 People Demonstrate in Mashhad Chanting "Death to the Dictator" "No to High Prices"

No to High Prices- No 2

The demonstration of the people of Mashhad, which began this morning at Shohada square in front of the city's municipality, spread quickly to a vast area of the city, with the participation of about 10,000 people. Demonstrators, who included men, women, elderly people, youths and children, chanted "No to high prices", "Rouhani’s government; with empty promises", "If you stop one case of embezzlement, our problems will be solved", "Neither Gaza, nor Lebanon, my soul is sacrificed for Iran”. The presence of women in this gathering was remarkable.

Uprising in Mashhad, Against the High Cost of Living, People Chanting "Death to the Dictator", "Death to Rouhani"

Khorasan uprising- No. 1

Mariam Rajavi: The heroic uprising of today reflects the people’s general demand to overthrow the mullahs

Since this morning, Thursday, December 28, thousands of people in Mashhad (capital of the Northeastern Khorasan Razavi province) gathered at the Shohada square in front of the municipality's building in Mashhad to protest the daily increasing and unrestrained price of basic goods and necessities. The number of demonstrators increased every minute during the march.

Iran: Suppression of Protest Rally Calling for Freedom of Political Prisoner Reza Shahabi

On the morning of Tuesday, May 5th, repressive forces stormed a large number of students and workers and other strata of the people in front of the regime's ministry of labor, who had gathered to protest against the arrest of the worker political prisoner, Reza Shahabi, and arrested a number of them.

The repressive forces who were stationed in front of the Ministry of Labor and its surrounding since the dawn of Tuesday, tried to prevent the formation of the gathering and the people joining them by savagely attacking the protesters and arresting a large number of them. The number of detainees was more than 50.

Iran: Call to Abolish Death Sentence for Ahmad Reza DJalali

Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the death sentence for Dr. Ahmad Reza DJalali and calls on all international human rights advocates to take immediate and effective action to abolish this cruel sentence.

Mr. DJalali, a resident of Sweden, was arrested on April 24, 2016, and was sentenced to death by the Iranian regime’s courts in September 2017. Only a few days later, the Supreme Court of the mullahs’ approved the verdict. Throughout this process, he has been deprived of a fair trial, even within the framework of the human rights law of the mullahs’ regime, including the right to appeal.

Iran: Suicide Catastrophe in Iran, the Ominous Outcome of the Clerical Dictatorship

Shocking suicide of mother along with her infant and young daughter

The increasing trend of suicide among different classes and in all age groups and Increase in group suicides, has become a humanitarian catastrophe in Iran. The victims of most of these suicides are in the country’s deprived western and southern provinces, such as Ilam, Kermanshah, Lorestan, Hamedan and Khuzestan, and mostly being women and the young, including even 13 year olds.

Iran: Demise of Iranian Renowned Champion

Manouchehr Boroumand, a famous Iranian champion, who had won gold medal in heavyweight weightlifting in the Asian Games, passed away. Manuchehr Boroumand was the most powerful man in the Asian continent and the first Asian weightlifter who crossed the 500 kg barrier in the total in the 1966 World Weightlifting Championships in Berlin, and made his name eternal in the sports history.

Manouchehr Boroumand was a modest man who loved sports. Following the anti-monarchy revolution in 1979, he continued to train Iran’s national weightlifting team, and later he headed Iran Weightlifting Federation. However, after a while when he became aware about the anti-Iranian and anti-popular acts of the mullahs, he preferred to resign than cooperation with the mullahs, and no longer appeared in any sport scenes.

Iran: Execution of Ten Prisoners, Including Five Youths, in Two Days

 High school student, 21-year-old woman sentenced to death

Coinciding with the 64th United Nations resolution condemning human rights violations in Iran, the mullahs’ regime hanged at least ten prisoners on December 19th and 20th. Seven of these individuals were mass executed in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran.

At least five of those hanged were youths. Three youths, two of which were 21 years of age, were executed in Gohardasht Prison on December 19th for “armed robbery from supermarkets.” On the same day a 24-year-old youth from Iran’s Baluchistan was hanged in Zahedan Central Prison, southeast Iran, after enduring five years behind bars. The day before that another young individual was hanged in Zanjan Central Prison, northwest Iran, after enduring six years in prison.

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