Iran Regime Should Be Held to Account for Human Rights Abuses in Syria

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NCRI - The US wants Iran, Russia, and Syria to be held responsible for "some of the worst atrocities known to man", committed during the seven-year-long Syrian Civil War.

Menace of Iran Regime's Hackers Increases

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NCRI - Iranian regime’s hackers are becoming more and more dangerous and are able to conduct spying operations in many countries. There are a number of Iranian criminals that are wanted by the United States and they have the ability to potentially create a lot of chaos.

Mattis: Iran Is Meddling in Iraq's Elections

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NCRI - The US Secretary of Defence has accused Iran of funnelling money into Iraq to influence the outcome of its upcoming elections, as part of Iran's overall campaign to destabilise the Middle East.

Protests Against Iranian Regime for Mismanagement of Water Crisis

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NCRI - Protests in Iran are escalating due to the water crisis millions of people are affected by. The protesters are criticising the Iranian government’s mishandling of the country’s water resources.

Iran Regime Will Soon Fall

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NCRI - The Iranian Regime is on thin ice and they know it, as demonstrated by the protests that were seen all over Iran on Tuesday night, during the national Fire Festival, and the Regime’s brutal response to it.

More Iran Regime's Militants Die in Syria

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NCRI - Five fighters from the Iran-backed Afghan Fatimioun militia have been killed in Syria, whilst fighting on behalf of the Bashar Assad dictatorship.

The Iranian Sacred Defense news agency reported the deaths of the militants on Wednesday, but didn’t state what militia they belonged to.

Fired Iranian Government Worker Sets Mayor on Fire

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NCRI - A fired Iranian government worker from a town in Iran’s Kerman Province has set the mayor on fire, whilst the mayor was sitting in his car, according to the Iranian Regime’s IRNA news agency.

Calls for Canada to Put Pressure on Iranian Regime

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NCRI - Last month, a 63-year-old Iranian man died in prison. His name was Kavous Seyed-Emami and he was the managing director of the Persian Heritage Wildlife Foundation and a professor of sociology at Imam Sadeq University in Iran’s capital.

Conspiracy Against Iran's Main Opposition Under the Guise of Commemorating the Life of an Albanian Poet


A memorial ceremony in Tehran to commemorate the renowned Albanian poet Naim Frashëri (1846-1900), has been reported in the Iranian state media, raising questions how a regime, which frequently jails poets and writers or forces them to flee into exile, has suddenly re-discovered its cultural soul.

Iran Regime Former President: Senior Judiciary Officials Are Number One Corrupts

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NCRI - In a reaction to implementation of 15 years imprisonment for his deputy, The Iranian regime’s former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wrote a letter calling senior judiciary officials “number one accused of corruptions”.

Mattis Addresses Iran's Arms Smuggling to Houthis

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NCRI - US Secretary of Defence James Mattis relayed American fears that the Iranian Regime is trafficking weapons through Oman in a meeting with Omani Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said on Monday.

Hezbollah Denies Allegiance to Iran Regime's Supreme Leader

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NCRI - The Iranian regime-backed Lebanese terrorist cell Hezbollah denied on Tuesday a report from Iran’s Farda News Agency that their Secretary General, Hassan Nasrallah, had said that the guardianship of the Islamic jurist (Vilayat-e Faqih) was above the Lebanese constitution, and that Lebanon should implement its orders.

Iran Regime Is Helping the Houthis to Attack UN-Backed Arab Alliance

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NCRI - A senior US military official has said that the Iranian Regime’s support of the Houthi terrorists has helped the militia group to target ships that belong to the Saudi-led coalition fighting to restore the internationally recognised government in Yemen.


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