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100 Lawmakers Urge EU’s Chief Diplomat to Press for Halt to Crackdown on Iran Protests

100 Lawmakers Urge EU’s Chief Diplomat to Press for Halt to Crackdown on Iran Protests

Some 100 Members of the European Parliament have called on the European Union’s new foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell Fontelles to urgently press for an end to the Iranian regime’s brutal crackdown on protesters and the immediate release of detained protesters.

Below is the full text of a statement by the Friends of a Free Iran (FOFI) inter-group at the European Parliament:

European Parliament  

Friends of a Free Iran (FoFI)  

Urgent statement 

December 2019 

Call to end the brutal crackdown on protesters in Iran with thousands killed, thousands wounded and thousands more arrested  

On Friday evening, November 15, 2019, Iranian cities were the scenes of protests against the tripling of gasoline prices. Protests have so far spread to 200 cities and 31 provinces across Iran.   

People chanted slogans: “Down with Rouhani”, “Down with Khamenei”, “Down with Dictator”, “We will not rest until we gain our rights.”  

The supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has ordered the Revolutionary Guards and other security forces to open fire on the demonstrations in different cities. The number of those killed keeps rising.  

Reports coming from Iran indicate that at least 1,500 protesters have been killed in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Ahvaz, Sirjan, Behbahan, Shahryar, Khorramshahr, Marivan Another 12,000 have been arrested and thousands have been wounded, many in critical conditions. However, protests continue throughout Iran. 

The regime cut off the internet completely in the first two weeks following the protests to conceal the scope of the uprising and the scale of its brutality.  

We offer our condolences to families who have lost loved ones and support protesters defending their fundamental rights against tyranny, freedom of speech and freedom of access to the internet.  

We support the appeal by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran who called this an uprising to end 40 years of dictatorship and terrorism in Iran. Regime leaders must face justice for the crime against humanity.” We also support her emphasis on the imperative need to dispatch UN delegations to Iran to investigate the situation of the martyrs, the wounded, and the prisoners.

We urge the European Union and member states to stand with the Iranian people in their desire to live in freedom and democracy and to take urgent action to end the brutal suppression of protesters. 

We call on EU heads of state or government and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to strongly condemn the crackdown on demonstrators, urge for the immediate release of all detainees and to support the Iranian people’s uprising for a free and democratic Iran. 


Mr. Asim ADEMOV, Mr. Alexander ALEXANDROV YORDANOV, Mr. Attila ARA-KOVÁCS, Mr. Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS, Mr. Traian BĂSESCU, Ms. Isabel BENJUMEA BENJUMEA, Mr. Phil BENNION, Mr. Vasile BLAGA, Mr. Ioan-Rareş BOGDAN, Mr. Franc BOGOVIC, Mr. Joachim Stanisław BRUDZIŃSKI, Mr. Daniel BUDA, Mr. Cristian-Silviu BUŞOI, Mr. Marco CAMPOMENOSI, Mr. David CASA, Ms. Pilar del CASTILLO VERA, Mr. Ryszard CZARNECKI , Mr. Jarosław DUDA, Ms. Lucia ĎURIŠ NICHOLSONOVÁ, Mr. Derk Jan EPPINK, Ms. Rosa ESTARÀS FERRAGUT, Ms. Tanja FAJON, Mr. Gheorghe FALCĂ, Mr. José Manuel FERNANDES, Mr. Pietro FIOCCHI, Ms. Frances FITZGERALD, Ms. Anna FOTYGA, Ms. Gianna GANCIA, Ms. Elisabetta GUALMINI, Mr. Christophe HANSEN, Mr. Mircea-Gheorghe HAVA, Ms. Danuta Maria HÜBNER, Ms. Lívia JÁRÓKA, Ms. Jackie JONES, Ms. Rasa JUKNEVICIENE, Mr. Jarosław KALINOWSKIMs. Assita KANKO, Mr. Seán KELLY, Ms. Izabela-Helena KLOC, Ms. Joanna  KOPCIŃSKA, Mr. Ádám KÓSA, Mr. Zdzisław KRASNODĘBSKI, Ms. Elżbieta KRUK, Mr. Andrius KUBILIUS, Mr. Zbigniew KUŹMIUK, Mr. Ryszard Antoni LEGUTKO, Mr. Leopoldo LÓPEZ GIL, Mr. Antonio LÓPEZ-ISTÚRIZ WHITE, Ms. Anthea McINTYRE, Mr. Pierfrancesco MAJORINO, Mr. Magid Magid, Mr. Marian-Jean MARINESCU, Ms. Radka MAXOVÁ, Mr. Liudas MAŽYLIS, Mr. Shaffaq MOHAMMED, Mr. Claude MORAES, Ms. Alessandra MORETTI, Mr. Dan-Ştefan MOTREANU, Mr. Luděk NIEDERMAYER, Ms. Ljudmila NOVAK, Mr. Andrey NOVAKOV, Mr. Juozas OLEKAS, Mr. Urmas PAET, Ms. Maite PAGAZAURTUNDÚA, Ms. Sirpa PIETIKÄINEN, Mr. Stanislav POLČÁK, Mr. Peter POLLÁK, Mr. Jiří POSPÍŠIL, Mr. Miroslav  RADAČOVSKÝ, Ms. Frédérique RIES, Ms. Sheila RITCHIE, Ms. Maria Soraya RODRIGUEZ RAMOS, Mr. Petri SARVAMAA, Mr. Jacek SARYUSZ-WOLSKI, Mr. Radosław SIKORSKI, Ms. Michaela ŠOJDROVÁ, Mr. Ivan STEFANEC, Mr. Hermann TERTSCH, Ms. Róża THUN UND HOHENSTEIN, Mr. Grzegorz TOBISZOWSKI, Ms. Patrizia TOIA, Mr. Eugen TOMAC, Mr. Valdemar  TOMAŠEVSKI, Ms. Ruza TOMASIC, Ms. Romana TOMC, Ms. Yana  TOOM, Mr. Evžen TOŠENOVSKÝ, Ms. Isabella TOVAGLIERI, Mr. Geoffrey VAN ORDEN, Mr. Loránt VINCZE, Mr. Alexandr VONDRA, Ms. Veronika VRECIONOVA, Ms. Maria WALSH, Mr. Iuliu WINKLER, Mr. Jan ZAHRADIL, Mr. Javier ZARZALEJOS, Mr. Tomáš ZDECHOVSKÝ, Mr. Roberts ZĪLE, Mr. Kosma ZŁOTOWSKI, Mr. Milan ZVER   


Friends of a Free Iran 

Friends of a Free Iran (FoFI) is an informal intergroup in the European Parliament which was formed in 2003 and enjoys the active support of many MEPs from various political groups