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Norway's Progress Party Condemns Iranian Regime's Attacks on the Protesters in Iran

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“The Progress Party condemns the Iranian regime's attacks on the protesters in Iran. The terror regime in Iran once again reveals its disgusting face by attacking peaceful demonstrators that are demanding their basic rights,” a statement by the party has declared.

“The Islamic regime has breached every single human rights provision and committed atrocities against people and humanity since its ascent to power in 1979. This regime has no legitimate right to exist and the Iranian people have for a long time been fed up with being deprived of their basic rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, gender equality, and the right to live freely. The world must showcase to those that are fighting for freedom, justice, and basic human rights in Iran, that they have our backing and support.”

“Keshvari [Member of Norwegian Parliament] believes that dialog with the regime has been a flawed policy. It has legitimized the regime in Teheran. Dialogue and interaction is both positive and necessary if it leads to real changes. However, the terror regime in Iran cannot change due to its totalitarian Islamic nature. Therefore, no dialogue or interaction with the regime has had any positive effect on the dire human rights situation in the country. This is the reason why none of the restrictions imposed on the country based on its human rights record have been modified. “

“Western countries led by the Obama Administration committed a grave policy error by negotiating a deal with the terror regime and subsequently easing trade restrictions. The greatest losers in all of this are not the Iranian people alone. The entire region has now been destabilized by Iran. Iran is a terror state in the true sense of the word. One only needs to look to Iran's active role in destabilizing Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria in recent years.”

“The Iranian government must know that the world is watching and that it will not, under any circumstances, tolerate massacres and mass killings of civilians, as was the case in 2009. “

“History will not look kindly upon those countries, governments or authorities that choose the wrong side in the face of the worst terrorist regime of our time.”