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Iranian Children Are the Regime’s First Victims

The reports are emerging of another horrifying practice that has been taking place in Iran – the sale of children
Poor children in Iran

Written by Sedighe Shahrokhi on .

Social unrest is felt all across Iran. The economic situation has resulted in people getting poorer and poorer with more people falling into the absolute poverty category.

The rights of the people are being trampled over too, with workers being put on unfair, temporary contracts or being exposed to terrible conditions. Many people are barely surviving and are waiting for months on their unpaid wages.  

There is a medication crisis that is affecting many families across the country and there have been reports of people selling organs just to be able to buy essential medication for a loved one.  

However, reports are emerging of another horrifying practice that has been taking place in Iran – the sale of children.  

#Iran: Official Sexually Abuse Child Labourers
Child labourers in Iran are being physically and sexually abused by local public officials, as they try to earn small amounts of money working on the streets, according to a video published by state-run media outlet Asr-e Iran.

— NCRI-FAC (@iran_policy) February 12, 2019

On July 1, 2017, the notorious IRGC-affiliated news agency, Fars, published a report about the situation of children. The report was entitled “Children facing the threat of being leased or having their body parts smuggled / Children being butchered in the shadows of weak laws” and it stated that children are disappearing. A member of the city council in Tehran - Fatemeh Daneshvar - said that bodies without eyes and kidneys are often found on wasteland sometime later.  

She went on to state that many families lease their children and are unconcerned about their welfare, indicating that drug use may be an issue. Daneshvar called on parents to immediately contact authorities and file reports if their child goes missing. She appeared to blame the children and parents for this type of smuggling network, saying that parents of children who go missing “lack even the slightest sense of responsibility”.  

The remarks proved to be very controversial and there were almost immediate statements saying that the situation is not true, despite the country’s parliament publishing a report saying that child smuggling networks need to be addressed.

According to the political-security deputy of the governor of Golestan province, northern #Iran, 25,000 children in this province are deprived from receiving education, making Golestan the second-worst province in this regard.

— NCRI-FAC (@iran_policy) June 24, 2019

 Children in Iran suffer immeasurably with regard to the regime’s destructive policies. Many families are unable to send their children to school, simply because they cannot afford the necessary supplies. Some children are also forced to work on the streets to be able to contribute to the family income. 

Iran has a number of social crises that need to be addressed urgently, but the regime does not seem to care. It continues to plunder the nation’s wealth on terrorism and other malign activities and it does not seem to spare a second thought for the widespread suffering and hardship that the people face. 

For as long as the Iranian regime is in power, the situation will remain the same. The greedy mullahs care only about what will make them richer. The greater good is a concept that does not exist with this selfish leadership.  

The people are well aware that this is the true nature of the regime and this is one of the many reasons why there have been many anti-government demonstrations and protests over the past few years. The people are determined to be the force behind regime change, and they are certainly going to be the ones responsible for restoring democracy, freedom and the respect of human rights.