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74 lashes, prison term for anyone caught eating in Iran during Ramadan

NCRI – Anyone in Iran caught eating or drinking in public during the days in the month of Ramadan may receive 74 lashes in addition to a jail term of up to two months, a high ranking judiciary official of the Iranian regime has threatened.

Dadkhoda Salari, the prosecutor general in the city of Kerman said on Friday: “Any individual who eats or drinks in public places could face a prison term of 10 days to two months and 74 lashes,” the state-run Mehr news agency reported.

Another state-run news agency warned the public that special patrols have been stationed at streets and public parks in Tehran during the holy month of Ramadan to deal with those who drink, eat or smoke in public.

“The police will deal with those individuals who smoke, drink water and other liquids, eat a snack or food in public,” the state-run ISNA news agency reported.

Last year hundreds of Iranians were lashed in public under the medieval laws of the religious dictatorship which can sentence offenders to 74 lashes and two months in prison for eating during Ramadan.

At least 200 people were flogged in last year in the Iranian province of Qazvin for eating in public during Ramadan.

In 2014, Qazvin official Ismail Sadeghi-Niaraki acknowledged the scale of medieval punishments now being carried out within the regime under the rule of so-called ‘moderate’ president Hassan Rouhani.

He said: “Exceptional measures were taken by the judiciary in Qazvin province during the month of Ramadan to deal with those eating in public.”

“Over this period, 400 people were arrested and some were given warnings. Another 200 had their cases reviewed by the judiciary and the flogging sentence was carried out within 24 hours of their arrest.”

Last year, a Christian man in Iran was sentenced to have his lips burnt with a cigarette for eating during the day in Ramadan. The savage punishment was carried out in public in the city of Kermanshah.