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Ex-US Commander in Iraq: Al-Maliki cannot investigate Camp Liberty crimes, he is complicit

NCRI – Asking Iraqi president Nouri Al-Maliki to investigate the murder of residents in the attack on Camp Liberty was ‘like asking Hitler to investigate the Holocaust’, the coalition forces’ chief anti-terrorism officer in Iraq has declared.  

Colonel Wesley Martin also branded Al-Maliki as ‘the world’s greatest ventriloquist’ because every time the UN representative in Iraq Martin Kobler opens his mouth ‘Maliki’s words come out’.

He said Mr Kobler needed to stop being Maliki’s ‘minister of international propaganda’ and return to his role of being the ambassador to the UN.

Col Martin – also the former commander of protection for Ashraf – was speaking at a conference in Paris on Monday (February 11, 2013) to pay homage to the victims Liberty attack, where he pledged that the coalition would keep its promise to protect the residents of Liberty.

He said: “A week ago you heard me say something, and I’ll say it again, the only time you’ll hear me compliment Al-Maliki—he has got to be the world’s greatest ventriloquist, because every time Kobler opens his mouth Maliki’s words comes out.  

“Kobler needs to stop being Maliki’s minister of international propaganda and get back to the role of being the ambassador to the United Nations first.  

“Please allow me also to speak not only as a former camp commander of Ashraf but as the first anti-terrorism officer for all coalition forces in Iraq.  

“This rocket attack was a professional military operation.  It could not have been done by a militia or a rogue element.  To land scores of rockets in such a small location requires reconnaissance, ground surveys and a lot of practice.  This was a Quds force operation working with the Maliki government.  

“Now we have Kobler asking Maliki to investigate the event.  That equates to asking Adolf Hitler to investigate the Holocaust.  

“If the UN has the resources to invest in American drones then the United Nations has the resources to investigate against this attack that occurred this past weekend.  And while they’re at it, go back to 2009 and 2011 attacks on Camp Ashraf.  

“Unlike Kobler, I’m not afraid to go into a field of fire as our brothers and sisters at Ashraf and Liberty will tell you.  I’m also not afraid to put my boots into the mud and the raw sewage that has been allowed to spill out of those tanks in Camp Liberty.  

“Unlike Herr Kobler, I do not require a security detail to go with me to either Camp Liberty or Camp Ashraf because I know when I am among the MEK I am far more secure than Herr Kobler is among his United Nations security detail.”

The UN also needed to work hard to return Liberty residents to Ashraf and place them under UN security control, he said.

Col Martin added: “Despite the promises of Herr Kobler this Temporary Transit Location, once promised to meet humanitarian standards, has failed.  

“Of all people, Herr Kobler should know you do not achieve peace in our time by yielding to a dictator.  He knows the horrors of Dachau, of Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz, and unfortunately he has allowed Camp Liberty to become not only a concentration camp, but an extermination camp.

“In the future, when atrocities are committed at Ashraf and Liberty, Herr Kobler needs to stop protecting Maliki.

“Herr Kobler has no right in the future to say, “I did not know,” because Herr Kobler has had all the opportunity to know and instead he has hidden the truth from the world.  

“It is a truth that Herr Kobler hides from the United Nations and the world.  It is time for him to return home and Herr Kobler to retire.  He has been offered the chance to follow the legacy of Conrad (Adenauer) and stand up to tyranny.  And yet Herr Kobler has done just the opposite.”

Finally, he called on US Secretary of State John Kerry to ‘grab the reins’ and honor America’s written agreements to protect the residents of Ashraf and Liberty.

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