NCRI - A tasty rumor for teachers was released just before the start of the new Persian year (March 2017), according to which a $150-$220 increase in their salaries was awaiting them.

Regarding the $150-$220 increase in teacher salaries, Mansour Mojaveri, Director-General of Planning and Budget in regime’s Ministry of Education, had said January this year “the establishment of teachers payment system is included in one of the provisions of the sixth development program, which should be formulated and applied after the program is communicated”, according to Revolutionary Guards’ Fars news agency.

Now the question is, why a salary increase which may only be possible after the sixth development program is communicated, suddenly finds its way to the media on the eve of regime’s presidential elections? Alireza Salimi, spokesman for parliament’s Education and Research Committee, responds to this question in an interview with Fars news agency.

“We see a lot of election activities going on by the government, all of which funded by public money, from distribution of Justice Shares to increasing pensioner payments and rumors on higher teacher pay. Resolving people’s economic problems is a fortunate event, but why didn’t it happen a few months earlier and was postponed till election time?” said Salimi.

According to the news agency, increasing teacher salaries and resolving their economic problems, which is one of their biggest concerns, is definitely a fortunate event, but was it not possible to take such steps a few months before the elections?

Moreover, considering the Education budget submitted by the government to parliament, is such an increase in teacher salaries possible?

In response to the question whether it’s possible to increase teacher salaries by $150-$220 considering the 2017 budget, Abdolreza Mesri, member of parliament’s Planning and Budget Committee told Revolutionary Guards’ news agency “considering the 2017 education budget, this amount of increase in teacher salaries will not be possible.”

It seems that on the eve of presidential elections, regime’s rival bands are addressing economic problems or the teachers and workers related issues, not for resolving them or improving living conditions of teachers or workers, but for their own political objectives and coming to power.

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