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Iran: Six Million Graduates Are out of Work

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NCRI Staff

NCRI - Based on official figures, 5-6 million Iranian university graduates are out of work, says head of Iranian regime parliament’s Planning and Budget Commission.

Speaking in a special TV news program, Gholamreza Tajgardoon said that three million 200 thousand of the country’s active population as well as three million 950 thousand of inactive population are out of work, adding “of the country’s total active population of 25 million 790 thousand, 22 million 588 thousand are working while the remaining three million 203 thousand are out of work.”

“Among inactive population with higher levels of education, there are five million 425 thousand out of work, meaning we have nearly six million unemployed graduates whose economic capacities are being wasted”, says Tajgardoon.

A crisis is approaching

“The country’s unemployment status is reaching alarming levels. A crisis is getting closer, so that according to official figures, unemployment among graduates has reached 30 percent”, says Deputy Chair of Tehran Chamber of Commerce’s Commission on Facilitating Business.

“With construction projects being stopped, part of private sector contractors will practically lose their job or won’t be able to receive their claims. Production units and the real private sector can no longer sustain new pressures”, says Ahmad Kimiaee-Asadi, according to Tasnim.

Have these figures been publicly announced?

On the other hand, Mohammad Atarodian, head of Employers’ Association, says that “if we don’t act quickly to launch National Employment Document, the situation will get out of hand and unemployment rate will increase on a daily basis.” He rules out the possibility of eradicating absolute poverty under current conditions, saying that the official unemployment figures don’t reflect the truth.

In response to Shahrvand, questioning about the country’s real unemployment figure given than some experts believe it’s well above 25 percent, Atarodian said “if true, 25 percent would have been nice! That would be acceptable if our unemployment rate was 25 percent. But the fact is that the real unemployment figure is higher than that. The unemployment figure among university graduates alone is 45 percent, and reaches even 60 among female graduates. Have these figures been publicly announced?