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How the Iran Regime Destroyed Their Tourist Trap

How the Iran Regime Destroyed Their Tourist Trap

Written by Staff Writer on .

By Staff Writer

Chabahar is described as “one of the most beautiful places in the world” by the Iranian Regime in a tourism ad but what might be a haven for holidaymakers is hell on earth for the residents.

While this strategic port is filled with hardworking, interesting, and welcoming people, it is also besieged by extreme poverty as a result of the Regime and the Revolutionary Guards’ malign actions. As Chabahar is Iran's only oceanic port, it is also the main site of IRGC’s smuggling activities, which includes transferring money, weapons, and even fighters to terrorist proxies. It goes without saying that this isn’t documented.

This means that this beautiful city has become one of the most underprivileged areas of the country, with the employment situation worsening as migrants head there in search of work; often willing to work for less than locals.

According to Regime propaganda, the mullahs have great plans for Chabahar, including the creation of petrochemical complexes, transit port, and a joint gas pipeline projects with other states, but the problem is that the residents will never see the benefits.

The worst part of all is that, even without the tourism industry or the energy projects, Chabahar’s rich water sources would be enough to ensure that the residents had a comfortable life with plenty of fish to eat, but the Regime has agreed to fishing contracts with companies from China, South Korea, and Thailand, which leave hardly any fish left for the Iranian fishers.

While Chabahar could once claim rich and unique farmlands, the Regime’s non-standard construction projects, which are designed to benefit regime-owned businesses and institutions, have caused the water sources to dry up and left fertile land barren. This problem is not unique to Chabahar, with farmers in Isfahan and elsewhere reporting the same, but Chabahar is right on the sea, so it is all the more mind-boggling that it was allowed to happen.

Of course, the truth is that the people of Chabahar, much like the rest of Iran, have been abandoned by the mullahs and are facing poverty, drought and unemployment alone. If they speak up, they face oppressive measures by the IRGC.

The difference is that now across Iran, the Regime is reaping the only thing that will grow in barren lands, the resentment of their people. Soon, the people of Chabahar will rise up to evict the Regime that has deprived them of their most basic rights from power.