Iran: Giant Corporations at Par With or Even Bigger Than the Government Do Not Pay Taxes

NCRI - Hassan Rouhani faction newspapers (April 3, 2017) have described the actions of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as the source of corruption and smuggling, as well as the destruction of the economy.

State run Jomhouri newspaper wrote in this regard: To fight trafficking we must go to the authorities and facilities that hinder the government and do not care about the three branches about and enjoy the docks and airports to import whatever they want and do what they deem necessary.

Former Member of Iran Regime's Parliament: No Shying Away, Our Economy Is Falling

NCRI - Mehrdad Bazrpash, a former member of the Iranian regime parliament’s board of speakers questioned figures provided by Hassan Rouhani’s government.

According to Quds terrorist force news agency known as Tasnim on April 2, he wrote on his Instagram page:

Unfortunately, our economic situation is dire, according to friends and foes.

Ministry of Industry Implicitly Points to Revolutionary Guards as Iran's Main Smuggler

NCRI - In an interview with regime’s IRIB news agency, Mohammad-Reza Nematzadeh, Minister of industry in Rouhani’s government, has said that most of the country’s unemployed are among young and educated people.

He pointed to banks, tax system, social security, and above all trafficking of contraband goods as the country’s main barriers of production and employment, saying “although according to a report by the task force responsible for combating smuggling of commodities and currency, the amount of contraband in the country is decreasing, but that’s still too much.”

A Member of Iranian Regime's Majlis: We Are Facing a Fatal Recessional Inflation

NCRI - On March 29, Hamid-Reza Haji Babaee, a member of the regime’s Majlis, acknowledged that there is a fatal recessional inflation occurring within the country and said, “We are facing a fatal recessional inflation. Gentlemen! We have only created jobs for other countries! 28 billion of the country’s income has been swallowed up by official companies.”

Iran: Embezzled and Theft by Regime's Officials in a Major Shiite Holly Shrine

NCRI - The administrator of the Deputy Office of ‘Astan Quds Razavi’ (A major Shiite holly shrine in the North Eastern Province of Khorasan) Jafar Sabaqian on Monday confessed to the theft and embezzlement of the former Deputy of this shrine as well as the former Head of it. It's noteworthy that Mehdi Azizian left Iran 6 month ago and this plan was coordinated by Morteza Bakhtiari.

Iran Budget Relying More on Oil; $3.4bn Budget Deficit

NCRI - A look at Iran’s upcoming fiscal budget for March 2017 to March 2018 shows the regime’s budget relying on oil revenue increasing by 11%. Iran’s last fiscal budget showed a 25% reliance on oil revenues, whereas the new budget forecasts a 36% reliance, according to the state-run Tabnak website.

Iran Regime's MP: The President Doesn't Believe in Combating Smuggling

NCRi - Javad Karimi-Ghodousi, Iranian regime’s MP close to Khamenei’s faction, confessed during a clash of the rival factions that “traffickers have influence not only in customs’ administration, but in the parliament and other entities, while the president does not believe in combating smuggling and is doing too little in this regard”, according to state-run bultannews website on Friday March 24.

Iran's Economic Crises, Officials Admitting Market Being Crippled

NCRI - Iran’s Minister of Road and Construction Abbas Akhoondi, admitted to the regime’s failing, in resolving the country’s economic dilemmas, and how the cabinet of Hassan Rouhani is completely incapable.

There are three main factors crippling Iran’s economy.

Iran: 2017 Minimum Wage Less Than One Third of Poverty Line

NCRI - The minimum monthly wage for Iranian workers was set and communicated by the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Labor on March 15.

The question, however, is why the minimum monthly wage this year was set in the final days of the year.

Unlike previous years in which the issue of setting the minimum monthly wage for workers was raised and discussed in state-run media, though sham, this year, however, the regime, who had made up its decision from long ago and was also concerned about workers’ opposing reactions, announced the minimum monthly wage only five days before new year, so that the workers are presented with a fait accompli and have no opportunity to protest.

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