Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Editorial: Summary of the Past Twelve Months in Iran

Summary of the Past Twelve Months in Iran

The people of Iran’s desire for freedom, human rights, democracy and peace has been made very evident over the past twelve months. They have bravely spoken out against the clerical regime despite the high personal risk that this brings them. They have risked, and continue to risk, arrest, imprisonment, torture, detainment and even execution to make sure that their desire for regime change is heard.

Indeed, many have paid the price. Thousands of Iranian protesters have been arrested and dozens killed by the regime’s security forces. Simply for speaking out about the regime’s corruption and malpractices that are ruining their lives. The number of victims is simply impossible to count.
For decades the people have been suffering under the regime and it has all come to a head in the past year. When there have been previous periods of unrest, the regime dismisses it as insignificant.

The strong and viable opposition to the clerical regime is widely supported by the Iranians and the regime can no longer say that its following is weak in the country.
In the past few weeks, regime officials have spoken out about the events of the past year. Some have expressed victory because the regime is still standing. Whereas others have been more cautious, warning that there is no such victory because of the power of the people and the strength of their voices. Even the Supreme Leader warned that the “enemy” has big plans for this coming year.

The grandson of the first Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime – Ruhollah Khomeini– has also warned about the country’s future. During a speech last month, Hassan Khomeini said: “Communities are built on the basis of consensus. Dividing society constantly and spreading hatred and hypocrisy constantly, forces individuals into dual personality, pushing them away from honesty, [and] all these indicate that unpleasant consequences await governments.”

What is most remarkable is the resolve and determination of the strong people in Iran that are adamant that their future will be brighter and more prosperous. It is clear that they do not want to see their leaders instigate and fuel conflicts abroad and it is very clear that they want human rights – even the most basic ones that are enjoyed by much of the world.

The people know that their struggle will worsen before it can get any better. This is why they welcome the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration because they know it will hasten the collapse of the regime. It is essential for the Europeans to follow suit because its policies of appeasement are doing nothing but prolonging the current situation and their misery.

Furthermore, the risk of keeping the current regime in place not just effects the lives of those in Iran and those in the countries in the region in which the regime is meddling, namely Iraq, Yemen and Syria. It also poses a great threat to the West, as is evident when we consider the foiled terrorist plots in Europe.

The collapse of the Iranian regime will benefit the world over.