Tuesday 21st May 2019 

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News: Iran human rights

NCRI’s Mohammad Mohaddessin reacts to Iran mass execution today:

NCRI – Mohammad Mohaddessin, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), reacted to the news that the Iranian regime on Tuesday mass executed a group of Sunni prisoners in Gohardasht (Rajai-Shahr) Prison in Karaj, north-west of Tehran:

The NCRI’s Mohammad Mohaddessin said:

“Ali Khamenei's religious dictatorship in Iran in yet another brutal crime this morning hanged 20 Sunni prisoners. This inhuman crime took place simultaneous with the anniversary of the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran. The mullahs' regime is facing absolute social isolation and widespread abhorrence by the people and thus is resorting to increased executions to create a climate of fear and to prevent the possibility of a nationwide uprising. More than 2500 people have been executed in Iran under Hassan Rouhani, who falsely claimed to seek moderation. For as long as the mullahs' regime is in power, there will continue to be further executions, torture and other crimes. If this regime halts torture and execution even for a single day, it would immediately lead to its overthrow.

“The international community's silence in the face of this crime is shameful for modern day humanity. If this regime and its leaders and officials are not prosecuted for crimes against humanity, then what good are the Rome Statute and the International Criminal Court? The UN Security Council has an obligation to bring the regime's criminal record before a competent international court. Ali Khamenei, [former President] Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani, Hassan Rouhani and other such criminals who have had a direct role in the execution of 120,000 political prisoners to date, including the 1988 massacre, must be brought to justice.”



UPDATE: Sunni prisoners believed to have been mass executed today in Iran

According to information from Iran's notorious Gohardasht (Rajai-Shahr) Prison in Karaj, north-west of Tehran, the mullahs' regime is believed to have mass executed Sunni prisoners on Tuesday.

Their families had been informed to go to the prison before 15.00 (local time) on Tuesday to visit them for a final time.

One of the families who were on route to the the prison were called in the middle of the road and told that they should instead collect the body of their loved one from the morgue.

Another report from the family of a victim said the families were told to visit their loved ones for a final time in the prison before 15.00. When the family arrived at the prison, they were told to go instead to the coroner's office to collect the body of their loved one who had already been executed.

List of names of 28 Sunni prisoners who had been forcibly moved out of Hall 10 of Ward 4 in Gohardasht Prison in the afternoon of Monday, August 1, 2016:

  1. Kaveh Veysi
  2. Taleb Molki
  3. Behrouz Shah-Nazari
  4. Barzan Nosratollah-Zadeh
  5. Farzad Shah-Nazari
  6. Varya Qaderi-Fard
  7. Keyvan Momeni-Fard
  8. Alam Bamashti
  9. Seyyed Jamal Seyyed-Moussavi
  10. Edris Ne'mati
  11. Ahmad Nasiri
  12. Mokhtar Rahimi
  13. Yavar Rahimi
  14. Pourya Mohammadi
  15. Farzad Honarjou
  16. Shahram Ahmadi
  17. Farshid Nasseri
  18. Amjad Salehi
  19. Omid Peyvand
  20. Arash Sharifi
  21. Kaveh Sharifi
  22. Shahu Ebrahimi
  23. Abdollah Sharifi
  24. Jamal Qaderi
  25. Omid Mahmoudi
  26. Mohammad Gharibi
  27. Fouad Yousefi
  28. Keyvan Karimi


More information to follow.



Iran: Call for urgent action to save lives of Sunni prisoners on death row

The Iranian Resistance makes a call to save the lives of a large number of Sunni prisoners on death row, requesting urgent intervention by the United Nations Security Council and Member States, and international human rights organizations, especially the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights and Special Rapporteur to prevent the implementation of these criminal and inhumane rulings.

A large number of special Revolutionary Guards forces raided hall 10 of ward 4 in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj (west of Tehran) in the afternoon of Monday, August 1. These repressive forces apprehended dozens of Sunni prisoners as their hands and feet were chained, mouths shut with tape and heads covered with plastic bags. These prisoners were transferred outside of the ward to an undisclosed location.

Hours prior to this transfer the regime’s forces and IRGC members had closed all wards and open-air areas, imposing special conditions in the jail. Gohardasht Prison is under the complete IRGC control.

Appeasement vis-à-vis the criminal rulers of Iran, with the execution of 120,000 political prisoners in their report card, and sending more youths to the gallows with each passing day, is nothing but collaborating and encouraging the continuation of these crimes. All political and economic relations with this regime must be conditioned to the complete halt of all executions in Iran, and this regime’s officials must be placed before justice for their crimes against humanity.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 1, 2016

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