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Iran regime amputates hands of two prisoners

File photo: Iranian regime unveils amputation machine in 2013

NCRI – The Iranian regime on Sunday amputated the hands of two prisoners in the central prison of Mashhad, northeast Iran.

One of the victims, identified only by the initials M. E., was a 26-year-old resident of Mashhad, the state-run daily Khorasan wrote on Monday. The second victim was not identified; the report simply stated that this young man was transferred from Khorasan Jonubi province to the same prison in Mashhad where the sentence was carried out.

State media claimed that the two men had been convicted of theft.

Last month, a high ranking Iranian cleric, who is the representative of the regime’s Supreme Leader in Hormozgan province (southern Iran), called for more inhumane punishments of hand amputations to be carried out.

While visiting Mashhad, Ghulam-Ali Naeem Abadi said: “If the hands of a few of those who commit theft in society are cut off, they would serve as examples for others and security will be restored.”

“Security would be restored in society by amputating a few fingers; why then are such punishments not being fully implemented?” he asked.

Last December, the United Nations General Assembly slammed the flagrant violations of human rights by the Iranian regime.

The resolution criticized the Iranian regime’s use of inhuman punishments, including flogging and amputations.

The UN’s 61st resolution on human rights abuses in Iran also censured the mullahs’ dictatorship for the rise in executions, public hangings and the execution of juveniles.
The Iranian regime unveiled a terrifying device in 2013 which is uses to chop off fingers. The device that looks like something devised for a grisly horror movie operates as a circular saw that guillotines prisoners’ fingers.

Since Hassan Rouhani took office as president of the clerical regime, nearly 1,800 people have been executed and hundreds more have been subjected to degrading and inhumane punishments such as amputation, flogging in public and being paraded in streets.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has repeatedly condemned the medieval punishments carried out by the clerical regime in Iran and has called for the referral of the regime’s appalling human rights record to the UN Security Council.

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