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Iran: Teen Prisoner Commits Suicide

NCRI – To protest the pressures of prison guards, a 15-year-old prisoner committed suicide in the Zabul prison, South Eastern Iran.

On Monday May 8th the young prisoner, called Ali Shahsavari who along with three others had been shackled, tortured and beaten by ‘Hassan Mir’ the head of prison and ‘Gholamreza Rezai’ the head of the prison’s security and information. Committed suicide in Correction and Rehabilitation ward of Zabul Central Prison. The fate of this prisoner is unknown.

The prisoners were beaten, tortured and threatened to be transferred to solitary confinement on May 7, because they had protested the terrible food quality.

It is noteworthy that the prison officials are still refusing to release him, although this juvenile’s prison sentence has been completed. 

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