International Call for Immediate Release of Political Prisoners in Iran

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NCRI - Walter Sanchez, the Secretary-General of the International Industrial Workers' Union, and five French labor syndicates called for the immediate release of Mahmoud Salehi and Reza Shahabi, two labor activists imprisoned in Iran.

Mr. Sanchez expressed concerns over the arrest and torture and illegal behavior by Iranian regime towards workers and trade union leaders due to union and guild activities, saying the health and well-being of the two prisoners are in grave danger. According to reports, the political prisoner, Mahmoud Salehi, suffers from heart disease and diabetes. The physician treating Mahmoud Salehi recommended that he be transferred to a well-equipped hospital in Tehran, Tabriz, or Orumiyeh due to the weakness of his heart, but the regime's judiciary refused and returned him to Saghez prison on November 20.

A Letter Regarding the Status of Hunger Striking Political Prisoner in Iran

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NCRI - Atena Daemi, a female political and civil rights activist incarcerated in Evin prison, wrote an open letter reacting to the situation of Mohammad Nazari, a political prisoner detained in Rajai Shahr (Gohardasht) prison in Karaj who experienced a prolonged hunger strike in recent months.

Ms. Daemi considers freedom to be the right of this prisoner who has been deprived of his freedom for the past 24 years.

Iran: Inhumane Pressure on Political Prisoners and Labour Activists

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NCRI - According to reports, the Iranian regime's judiciary and security authorities have opposed and prevented the transfer of the imprisoned labour activist Mahmoud Salehi to a well-equipped hospital.

Doctors have insisted that this labour activist should be transferred to a more accessible hospital soon due to acute cardiac, kidney and diabetes problems.

According to state-run ILNA news agency, quoting Mr. Salehi's family, his doctor recommended that this labour activist should be transferred to a hospital in Tehran, Tabriz, or Orumiyeh for continued treatment of his heart.

Iran, Political Prisoner: No Award Can Make Me Happy Unless We Overthrow the Oppressors

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NCRI - In response to the annual Reporters Without Borders Prize awarded to him, the Iranian political prisoner, Soheil Arabi, , said in a letter: “No reward can make me happy unless together hand in hand we uproot the oppression and overthrow the oppressors.”

In part of the letter, this political prisoner currently detained in Ward 8 of Evin prison said: “When most media were in the hands of two factions that compete in censorship and conservatism, when some people were paid to promote illiteracy and superstition to deceive us, I decided to be an independent journalist, so that I could reflect all the truth without retouching and censorship.”

Scientist Sentenced to Death in Iran for Refusing to Spy on the West

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NCRI - A distinguished expert in disaster medicine was sentenced to death by the Iranian Regime last month, after he refused to spy for them.

Dr. Ahmadreza Djalali, a resident of Sweden, was sentenced by the Iranian Revolutionary Court on October 21 after being found ‘guilty’ of providing evidence about Iran’s secret nuclear sites to the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, which led to the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists in 2010-2012.

Detention of a Cultural Activist by Iran Regime's Ministry of Intelligence in South-Western Iran

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NCRI - On Wednesday, October 1, 2017, the Iranian regime's intelligence office in Southwest Iran arrested a cultural activist. According to reports, the intelligence agents arrested Ahmad Sa’labi Hessani, 25, on Wednesday in his shop in Ahvaz.

Hassani's relatives say the intelligence forces arrived with three black Peugeot cars and arrested him in his shop, handcuffed and then took him to his house before taking him away along with a number of Arabic books after a thorough examination of the house.

Iran: Political Prisoner Held in Dangerous Prisoners Ward and Deprived of Family Visit

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NCRI - The political prisoner, Soheil Arabi, is still held in Hall 8 Ward 8 of Evin prison among dangerous prisoners and deprived of family visits.

In October this year, following Soheil Arabi’s protests against the prison warden who insulted the political prisoners, the prison authorities transferred him to the ward of the prisoners with heavy crimes.

Interactive Map Highlights Mass Graves of Victims of Iran's 1988 Massacre

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NCRI -  In the summer of 1988, in response to a fatwa issued by Ayatollah Khomeini immediately following Iran’s announcement that it had agreed to a cease-fire in the devastating eight-year Iran-Iraq war, the Iranian regime massacred an estimated 30,000 political prisoners.

Three-men commissions were created to determine who should be executed. The commissions, known as the Death Commissions, questioned prisoners about their political and religious beliefs, and depending on the answers, determined who should be executed. The questioning was brief, not public, there were no appeals, and prisoners were executed the same day or soon thereafter.

Iran Regime Intelligence Ministry: Ramin Hossein Panahi Will Be Executed Soon

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NCRI - On October 26, the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence, , addressing the family member of a political prisoner after 124 days, announced that he has been detained by the Ministry and will be executed soon.

Ramin Hossein Panahi was shot in his waist area and arrested by the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) on 23 June 2017 when he was going to visit his family.

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