Iran: Appeal to save lives of political prisoners

NCRI - In a letter to Louise Arbour, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, on February 22, Mohammad Mohaddessin, chair of the NCRI's Foreign Affairs Committee, appealed for her intervention to save lives of political prisoners in Iran.

Mohaddessin said: "Six months after a former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad assume power as the Iranian regime's President, the situation of human rights in Iran in general and the plight of political prisoners in particular has deteriorated. Recently, the horrific hanging of one of the most well-known political prisoners in Iran was confirmed by official sources, arousing outrage and condemnation of the public as well as international human rights organizations."

Iran: Worrying trends in use of death penalty

Iran: Worrying trends in use of death penaltyNCRI - The following is a public statement by Amnesty International raising concern over extensive use of death penalty in Iran which was issued on Friday, February 24:

Amnesty International today expressed grave concern about the rate of executions reported in Iran and said it feared for the lives of a number of political prisoners, some of whom are reported to have been on death row for several years. The organization is also outraged that Iran continues to sentence child offenders to death in contravention of its international human rights obligations.

Iran: New government fails to address human rights

Iran: New government fails to address human rightsNCRI - The following is a press release by the Amnesty International today expressing concern over deteriorating human rights violations in Iran:

Six months after Iran's new president came to power human rights violations remain widespread and the new government has failed to take any action to address the situation, Amnesty International revealed in a report published today.

Iran: 4 death sentences to be carried out

Iran: 4 death sentences to be carried out NCRI - Death sentences for two teenagers were approved by the State Supreme Court on Monday according to state-run news agency IRNA.

The head of Tehran's punitive court, Naser Saraj, was quoted telling reporters that the two were both 18 years of age and their death sentences were approved for alleged sexual assault. They were identified only as "E. N." and "E. K."

The same news agency also reported on Tuesday that two men are going to be hanged in Shiraz, provincial capital of Fars, central Iran, on Wednesday. Death sentences for "Ayat Kh." and "Mehdi A." were endorsed by the State Supreme Court, said the Revolutionary Prosecutor of Fars province.

Iran: Fear of torture and ill-treatment of children

Iran: Fear of torture and ill-treatment of children

NCRI – The following is an urgent appeal by the British based human rights group, Amnesty International, raising concern over the plight of children arrested during a demonstration in the southern city of Ahvaz, capital of the oil rich province of Khuzistan:


Iran jails German, French tourists

Patroling boat
Agence France Presse - An Iranian court has sentenced a French skipper and his German client who were arrested after straying into Iran's Gulf waters to 18 months behind bars, a lawyer for one of the accused told AFP Tuesday.

Iran: Couple hanged for alleged murder

ImageNCRI - A young couple were hanged in Tehran's notorious Evin prison for alleged murder according to media reports today.

The couple were identified by their first names, Raheleh (wife) and Babak (husband). The sentences were carried out after they were endorsed by the clerical regime's high court.

Total number of executions since the appointment of Ahmadinejad as mullahs' president last June has gone over 140. This is a figure based on media reports and does not take into account the secret executions.

Iran: A man hanged and a woman sentenced to death

Hanging in IranNCRI - A man was hanged in Tehran's notorious Evin prison today for alleged murder charges. Death sentence for the man identified by his first name Esmail, was endorsed by the mullahs' supreme court.

His wife, Masoumeh, was also sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment for involvement in the murder and to death for adultery.

The number of executions since Ahmadinejad's appointment as president in June 2005 has gone over 140.

Iran: New wave of repression and widespread arrests

Arrests in IranNCRI - The clerical regime's security chief in Tehran announced that in the first three phases of enforcing security in the capital, some 15,000 people were arrested.

Quoting Revolutionary Guard Reza Zarei, commander of State Security Forces in Tehran, the Aftab state-run daily reported on Tuesday that the fourth phase of security enforcement program will concentrate on dealing with hooligans, a reference to young people who are at the core of protests in the capital as well as other parts of the country.

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