Saturday, September 23, 2023
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U.S. Sanctions and Domestic Pressure Will Provoke Iranian Regime’s Collapse

U.S. Sanctions and Domestic Pressure Will Provoke Iranian Regime’s Collapse

By Staff Writer

The United States’ Special Representative for Iran, Brian Hook, has spoken about the Iranian regime and the effect the sanctions are having on it. He said that because of the sanctions that the United States has re-imposed on Iran, many banks worldwide are concerned about dealing with the country. Hook also maintained, like Trump and numerous other officials in his administration, that Iran is the number one sponsor of terrorism around the world.

The Iranian regime, including President Hassan Rouhani, has boasted that it will ignore sanctions on its oil sector and will continue to export oil. However, Hook has advised that sanctions are going to be heavily enforced and the regime will not get away with bypassing sanctions like it has done in the past.

Speaking about the aim of the sanctions, he said: “We will impose our sanctions vigorously…and will deny this dictatorship the revenue it needs to fund malign activities in Europe and around the world.”

Hook also said that the Trump administration’s plan of action is to accelerate the path to ensuring Iran cannot export its oil so that the oil market stabilises.

The people of Iran are often largely ignored in mainstream media but they are putting maximum domestic pressure on the regime. They have been in the streets protesting and holding anti-government demonstrations since the end of last year. They know that the Iranian regime is incapable of reform and they know that it will never change.

The Iranian regime has had many chances over the years to reform and to put domestic issues first, not least when the crippling economic sanctions were lifted when the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was signed. The billions of dollars that were freed up when assets were unfrozen could have made a significant improvement to the Iranian economy, the country’s infrastructure and the quality of social services. However, the Iranian regime made the decision to spend billions of dollars on supporting terrorist proxy groups and militias across the region.

Although the people of Iran are ultimately the ones to suffer the consequences of the U.S. sanctions, despite them not being the targets, they understand that they are necessary.

If no pressure is put on the regime it will continue to plunder the nation’s wealth on malign activities. It will continue to support terrorist proxy groups and militias. It will continue to provoke environmental disasters in Iran. It will continue to be the number one threat to peace and security in the region. And it will continue to deny the people of Iran the most basic of human rights.

Already, more than a hundred global firms have stopped trading with Iran because they do not want to risk getting caught in the crosshairs of U.S. sanctions. The regime is losing its grip on power fast and it is only a matter of time before it collapses. And it will not be a moment too soon – not just for the people of Iran, but for the entire international community.