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Iran: Continued Strikes of Workers and Protests by Other Deprived Classes

The strikes and protests of the workers, employees and various strata of the people continued on Sunday, March 4, in different cities across the country:

1. Workers of all sections of the Haft Tapeh sugar cane company, including agriculture, factory, equipment, services, and engineering and support, stopped working in protest to non-payment of their demands and gathered in the company’s premises. Derakhshani, the factory manager, tried to prevent workers from shutting down the various parts of the factory, but he failed.

2. Ahvaz steel workers continued strike for 12 days in spite of the arrest of a group of their colleagues and threats from the regime prosecutor’s office. Farhad Afsharinia, chairman of the Khuzestan judiciary, blamed shamelessly the arrest of the workers on their illegal and without permit gatherings. “The company is bankrupt, and various government agencies, banks and the private sector are also creditors,” he said in collaboration with the owner of the factory, a large-scale government-affiliated looter.

KHUZESTAN, Iran, Mar.4, 2018. The security forces attacked Protest gathering of unemployed youth

The Karoun Agro-Industry Company, located in the cities of Shushtar, Gatvand and Dezful, with four decades of operation, previously employed 17,000 workers, but now the number of workers has fallen to less than two thousand due to the destruction of the country’s economy.