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Iran News in Brief – December 2, 2021




Iran’s Regime Increases Security Measures in Isfahan


The Iranian regime’s Judiciary branch in Isfahan warned people to not attend protests and gatherings on Friday.  “The Deputy for Crime Prevention of the Isfahan Prosecutor’s Office warned about possible rallies in the coming days and announced that any rallies will be seriously dealt with,” the state-run Tasnim news agency reported on Thursday.

This warning reflects the regime’s fear of recent call-to protest by the people of Isfahan, following the recent uprising in that city.

Protests erupted following the regime’s security forces raided and burnt farmers’ tents earlier this week. Those farmers were holding a peaceful sit-in and protesting the water shortages.

Afkari Brothers under pressure in Prison


Reports from Iran indicate that Habib and Vahid Afkari, brothers of Iran’s wrestling champion Navid Afkari are under pressure in Prison. The Iranian regime has increased its pressure on Afkari brothers following Navid’s hanging in 2020.

 Afkari brothers are now at the closed-door cells and are deprived of making any calls to their families. There have been in Adelabad prison in Shiraz for the past 15 months.

Navid, Habib, and Vahid Afkari were arrested in 2018, after major protests erupted in the city of Kazeroun.


Expert: Tehran Has Only 90 Days of Drinking Water


“If the drought continues and there is no rain, Tehran would only have water for 90 days,” said Hedayat Fahmi, an Iranian expert on Thursday. “This amount of water does not take into account the consumption of industries and farmers,” he added.

“The announced amount is only for citizens’ consumption of drinking water and not for agricultural and industrial uses. Farmers and the industrial sector supply their required water from groundwater,” he explained in more details, according to the state-run Tejarat News website.

Iran’s Parliament Speaker: We are putting our hands in People’s Pocket


During an interview with Iran State-TV, the regime’s Parliament Speaker, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, acknowledged that the government has it  hands deep in people’s pocket to compensate its budget deficit.

“When we have a budget deficit, we have to admit that we are putting our hands in the people’s pockets. We are earning the current government’s budget and expenses from poor people. People sense this in their daily lives,” Ghalibaf said, according to Iran’s State-TV on Thursday.


Teachers in Dozens of Iranian Cities Protest

Today, teachers rallied in front of the General Directorate of Education in various cities and provinces to protest and claim their rights to fair wages. Incoming reports and images from these demonstrations have been from the cities of Yazd, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Ahvaz, Jaizan, Shiraz, Tehran, Khorramabad, Bojnourd, Saqez, Izeh, Isfahan, Rasht, Gotvand, Noorabad Mamasani, Shahroud, Qazvin, and Yasuj.





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Protests in Several Iranian Cities

Tuesday saw protests by different communities in different cities across Iran. The workers of Chenareh, a mineral company in Andimeshk, continued their strikes for the third consecutive day and held a protest rally in front of the company offices. At the same time, the workers of Ahan Ajin, Zohal, No-avaran, and Mobin, who are working in the copper complex of Songoon held a protest rally in front of the company’s offices at noon.

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Iran: Nepotism and Stellar Salaries


On August 3, Ebrahim Raisi took office and formed the thirteenth government of the theocracy in Iran. During his presidential campaign, he insisted on countering corruption and parroted the claim that he would establish his cabinet based on meritocracy. Raisi had also promised to curb stellar salaries as one of his priorities. However, in less than 100 days, corruption, nepotism, and stellar salaries have been intensified, as the state media and its proponents can no longer stay silent.

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Monthly Report November 2021, Iran Human Rights Monitor


On Friday, November 26, 2021, government troops and anti-riot guards attacked the sit-in protest of farmers in the dried-up riverbed of Zayanderud in Isfahan. Many farmers and citizens were wounded and arrested in this raid. The State Security Force and its special units were stationed in three locations around the Khajou Bridge and on the roads leading to Zayanderud to prevent people’s gathering.

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Trial of the Executioner Hamid Noury in Stockholm, Rally by Iranians, MEK Supporters in Sweden and Gathering in Ashraf 3 – December 1, 2021


The 46th session of the trial of Hamid Noury, one of the executioners of the 1988 massacre, took place in the Stockholm court. The court hearing in Stockholm on Wednesday, December 1, was dedicated to the fifth session of the interrogation of the executioner Noury by the prosecutor, the plaintiffs’ lawyers, and the judge.

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