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Iran News in Brief – January 22, 2022



Retired Professor in Hamadan Committed Suicide Due to Financial Problems

Today, January 20, according to the Bu Ali University Professors’ Association, Dr. Javad Safari, a retired professor of chemistry at Bu Ali University in Hamadan, has committed suicide due to financial problems and the officials’ refusal to pay his retirement benefits.




IRGC-run Publication Warns About the Role of MEK on the Internet

The IRGC-run newspaper Javan wrote today: “The media’s agenda to induce that there is insecurity in the country is accompanied by the counter-revolutionary forces on the ground, led by the Monafeqin (Iranian regime’s acronym for the MEK).”

“These enemies, who also possess media apparatus, have tried to infiltrate the protests by promoting slogans with destructive, insulting, and provocative nature and pave the way for extremist behaviors to cause conflict and violence,” Javan added.

The IRGC-run daily warned: “The dominant propaganda and psychological atmosphere of some media outlets and social media on the internet seek to portray despair and hopelessness, but some of them follow the line of inducing insecurity and chaos in the country so that the audience feels there is a constant possibility for chaos and civil war to inflame.”


Disturbing Car Accident in South Iran Reveals Catastrophic State of the Country’s Car Industry

Mojtaba Yousefi, a member of the Iranian regime parliament’s leadership made some serious revelations about the systemic fraud and corruption that takes place in the state-affiliated auto industry.

According to the state-run Eghtesad News, he said on January 20: “For 50 years, they have been claiming that they want to become an industry that is capable of producing cars but they have failed to do so. In fact, the quality of our cars is declining day by day while the prices are increasing.”

Referring to the recent fiasco regarding a car incident in Behbahan, South Iran, where the car airbags didn’t function, he said: “Every year, we lose more than 12,000 people on these roads and as a result of the deaths, many families have been devastated. Also, a larger number of people suffer from spinal cord injuries, amputations, and other injuries. In a significant part of these accidents, car manufacturers are certainly one of the main culprits, and part of it is due to the poor quality of our roads.

On January 10, news of a terrible chain accident on the Behbahan-Ramhormoz axis made headlines in Iran. According to reports, 60 cars collided, leaving 5 dead and dozens injured. According to officials who discussed the investigations of the accident, the airbags of all these cars had failed to function. The incident has led to serious debates in Tehran.


U.S. Safety Firm Withdraws Certification for Two Oil Tankers Over Iran Sanctions

LONDON, Jan 21 (Reuters) – Two tankers have had their environmental and safety classification withdrawn by a U.S. company that provides such certification, after accusations by a U.S. advocacy group that they had shipped cargoes of Iranian oil, documents seen by Reuters show.

Countries targeted by tougher U.S. sanctions, including Iran and Venezuela, have responded to the mounting pressure with elaborate strategies to circumvent restrictions on their oil exports.

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Iran: Did Raisi “Achieve” Anything in Russia?

The Iranian regime’s president, Ebrahim Raisi traveled to Russia on Wednesday amid the ongoing nuclear talks in Vienna between Tehran and world powers.

The trip to Russia stands in stark contrast to the regime’s so-called “neither the West nor the East,” slogan, engraved on the Foreign Ministry’s entrance. Raisi’s recent travel to Russia confirms the regime is scrapping the bottom of the barrel and tries to grasp anything to save itself from being overthrown.

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Iranians Reject the Clerics’ Medieval Mindset

Recently, the Iranian regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, gave a speech expressing his frustration about the internet, saying that instead of giving hope to the Iranian youth, it is adversely affecting their future and prospects. His speech highlighted the deepening schism among regime officials on how to deal with the country’s many crises.

Mahmoud Dajkam, Khamenei’s representative, and the Friday prayer leader in Shiraz referred to this crisis in comments broadcast on the state-run TV channel FARS on January 14. He said, “What do they do in soft warfare? He (Khamenei) said that they are questioning the vision of the Islamic Revolution. He cited examples about the visions of the revolution and said that they are questioning the rule of religion.”

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Iranian Political Prisoner’s Plea to Human Rights Organizations: The Full Letter

In a letter from Kamyaran Prison, political prisoner Salar Sediq Hamedani referred to the torture he and his father had endured. In the letter, political prisoner Salar Sediq Hamedani, who was recently banished to Kamyaran Prison, wrote about his fathers’ illness and inability to endure imprisonment. He also explained that the confinement of political prisoners in Iran together with violent criminals has endangered their lives.

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High School Teacher Maryam Kabiri Arrested in Tehran

Agents of the Ministry of Intelligence arrested high school teacher Maryam Kabiri as she was leaving her home in Tehran on Sunday, January 13, 2022, the Coordinating Council of the Educators’ Associations announced today. Maryam Kabiri works as a teacher for exceptional students in Tehran’s 2nd educational district. The Intelligence Ministry agents ransacked Maryam Kabiri’s house and confiscated her and her husband’s mobile phones. Then, they transferred Ms. Kabiri to Evin Prison.

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Iran: COVID-19 Takes the Lives of More Than 499,200

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Friday, January 21, 2022, that the Coronavirus fatalities in 547 cities have exceeded 499,200. The death toll in Tehran has reached 116,585, Isfahan 34,610, Mazandaran 18,105, Gilan 17,290, Lorestan 16,495, Golestan 10,845, Kurdistan 8,247, Ardabil 6,365, and North Khorasan 6,408.

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