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Iran News in Brief – January 26, 2022




Facebook Suspends Page Affiliated to Iranian Regime’s Spanish Language TV


On Wednesday, January 26, the Iranian regime’s Spanish-language television channel reported that Facebook has permanently closed its page.

Last October, Facebook announced that it was temporarily suspending the regime’s HispanTV page for violating ethical laws and barring it from publishing any content. But on Wednesday, the account was suspended forever.

Last December, Facebook announced that it had closed eight Facebook as well as 126 Instagram accounts affiliated with the cyber unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

EU Warns About Iranian Regime’s Nuclear and Missile Ambitions


In his opening remarks at the UN International Conference on Disarmament in Geneva on Tuesday, January 25, the spokesman of the European Union said: “The EU expresses its deep concern about Iran’s continued actions in breach of the JCPOA and the dire consequences that in some cases are irreversible and are preventing nuclear proliferation. We urge Iran to suspend these actions without further delay.”

The EU spokesman added: “We are also deeply concerned about the activities regarding Iran’s ballistic missiles and urge them to refrain from activities that are contrary to UN Security Council Resolution 2231. The EU also wants to refrain Iran from any activities related to ballistic missiles that are designed for carrying nuclear weapons. We also urge Iran not to send any missiles, missile parts, or missile technology to the militants in accordance with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.”


Infectious Disease Specialist: Soon We Will Have an Upsurge of Omicron Contracting


According to the state’s news agency Mehr, infectious disease specialist Shervin Shokouhi acknowledged the spread of the Omicron variant in Iran and said: “The number of people contracting the Covid-19 virus has definitely been multiplied. Because the current statistics only apply to people who have tested positive. In the next one or two weeks, we will face an explosion in cases of hospitalization, and beginning in February, we will have some bad days and months ahead.”

It is worth mentioning that despite warnings from many health experts, the clerical regime has announced it aims for systemic mobilization to gather large crowds for the anniversary of the 1979 Revolution.


IRGC Shoots At Poor Freight Carriers in West Iran


On Tuesday, January 25, the IRGC border guards in Kermanshah Province, west Iran, started shooting at a group of poor freight carriers, called ‘kulbar’ without prior warning.  Consequently, Milad Rostami, a 26-year-old, son of Hussein from the village of Heshmar in Thalas Babajani County was severely wounded in the abdomen and was taken to Paveh Hospital by the locals.

Victims of the Iranian regime’s corruption, unemployment, and systemic discrimination, ‘kulbars’ are porters who haul goods on their back across the borders of Iran over long distances to be able to feed their families.

Protests in Iran on Tuesday and Wednesday


  • Today, January 26, a group of law students in Tehran protested against the recent decisions of the Judiciary, holding placards announcing that “the independence of the Bar Association is our red line”.
  • Also today, law student interns in Yazd, central Iran, held a protest rally in protest against the unfair regulations of the Ministry of Education.
  • Local furniture merchants in Urmia, north Iran, rallied in front of the permanent location of Urmia exhibitions to protest against the state policies which favor the import of foreign furniture that is forcing local producers and brokers into extinction.
  • Medical assistants in Isfahan, central Iran, went on strike in front of the Isfahan Medical School today, to protest the officials’ refusal to address their grievances.

  • Today, a group of retired police officers in Bushehr, south Iran, who fell victim to a scam by the Bushehr Police Housing Cooperative staged a protest rally today. The demonstrators held placards protesting against the systemic fraud and calling for the authorities to investigate the violations and bring justice. According to them, the Housing Cooperative has been receiving funding from about 300 clients, but it has failed to deliver and the clients have been in limbo since 2003.

  • employees-at-the-Rasool-Akram-HospitalOn Tuesday, January 25, a number of employees at the Rasool Akram Hospital in Tehran went on strike. The strike was held in protest of the officials’ refusal to pay the salaries that were approved by the Ministry of Health. The protesters are complaining that the Iran University of Medical Sciences is constantly revoking or delaying their wages, despite the approval of the Board of Trustees. According to reports, various aid groups have also decided to go on strike next week.
  • Employees and workers of the Sugarcane Cultivation Company in Shush, south Iran, continued their strike on Tuesday, January 25, and held a rally in this city.
  • Employees of the Barez Rubber Factory in Kerman, east Iran, rallied and went on strike on Tuesday, January 25, protesting the officials’ refusal to pay their wages.


A Needed Warning for Yemen’s Rebels — And for Our Allies and Enemies Alike


Yemen’s Houthi movement, Ansar Allah, controls the capital city of Sana and much of the northern part of the country, having militarily ousted the recognized government of Yemen. The efforts led by Saudi Arabia to restore the former government are part of what has been a costly, stalemated war in Yemen, with the people of that impoverished country paying a terrible price.

While one can debate whether the Houthis are a proxy of Iran, what is not debatable is that they get their missiles, drones, training, help in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and other weapons from Iran’s Quds Forces and Hezbollah. The Iranians find them a useful instrument to exert real pressure on Saudi Arabia, particularly as they strike Saudi civilian targets, including in the capital city of Riyadh and oil facilities throughout the country. That the Houthis have their own reasons for striking Saudi Arabia, especially given the Saudi bombing of targets in Yemen, does not change the fact that Iran does all it can to stoke this conflict, not reduce it.

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Qarchak Prison, a Nightmare for Women Prisoners in Iran


Located near Qarchak and Varamin, Qarchak Prison (also known as Shahr-e Ray Women’s Prison) is one of the Iranian regime’s most notorious prisons. It is located approximately 17 km from the Tehran-Varamin highway, outside of Qarchak city, creating great problems for families trying to get there to visit their loved ones.

Many women prisoners housed there refer to the prison as hell, Kahrizak II, and even, the apocalypse, for the poor conditions they face there.

The site was originally a poultry farm before it became a prison in the early 1970s. Following the Iranian revolution in 1979, the prison was closed and abandoned, with its inmates being sent elsewhere to serve their sentences. It wasn’t until 2003, that the prison underwent a brief reconstruction and became in use again, this time as a place for the rehabilitation of addicts.

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Iranian Wrestler Who Supported Executed Navid Afkari Disappeared


The Twitter account “1500 Tasvir (1500 Images)”, which covers news of those killed in the November 2019 protests in Iran, wrote Tuesday that Amin Bazrgar had been “repeatedly threatened by security forces for his support of Navid.”

According to 1500 Tasvir, Iranian Greco-Roman wrestler Amin Bazrgar even “told his friends several times that security forces were pursuing him.”

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Dissident Rapper Toomaj Salehi Sentenced to Prison and Fine


Toomaj Salehi, a dissident rap artist said that a court has handed down a fine and six months suspended imprisonment for him on charges of “insulting the leadership and propaganda against the regime.”

He did not elaborate on his sentence in a tweet he posted on January 24, but wrote that his prison sentence is suspended for a year.

Earlier this week, Salehi’s lawyer said that he was charged with “spreading propaganda against the state.” It is a vague charge often brought against activists, intellectuals, and dissenters.

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Prison Sentence for Azimeh Nasseri; Golaleh Moradi Remains in Limbo


The Criminal Court of Bukan has issued a prison sentence for Azimeh Nasseri. Another Kurdish activist stays in limbo, nine months after her arrest.

The 101st Branch of the Criminal Court of Bukan handed down three months of a prison sentence for Azimeh Nasseri, a Kurdish activist from Bukan. Ms. Nasseri must also pay a cash fine worth 6 million Tomans.

Agents of the IRGC Intelligence in Bukan arrested Azimeh Nasseri on July 27, 2021. They detained her for nearly 40 days and then set her free on a bail of 200 million Tomans temporarily until the final disposition of her case.

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Iran: Clerical Regime Is Directly Responsible for the Heartbreaking Tragedy of 500,000 Deaths Due to Coronavirus


The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced today, January 25, 2022. The number of victims in Tehran has reached 116,785, Khorasan Razavi 40,260, Isfahan 34,690, Khuzestan 30,170, Fars 18,950, West Azerbaijan 18,858, Mazandaran 18,140, Gilan 17,320, East Azerbaijan 17,273, Lorestan 16,515, Alborz 14,553, Sistan And Baluchistan 13,810, Kerman 13,492, Qom 13,450, Golestan 10,870, Kermanshah 9,354, Hamedan 9,258, Central Province 9,138, Yazd 8,288, Hormozgan 8,275, Kurdistan 8,247, Semnan 6,590, North Khorasan 6,433, Ardabil 6,338, Qazvin 5,889, Bushehr 5,574, Zanjan 4,830, Ilam 4,778, South Khorasan 4,441, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari 3,885, and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad 3,789.

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