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Iran News in Brief – June 1, 2022



Fearing Protests, MPs Don’t Dare to Visit Their Constituency- Former Official

Today, in an article by a former governor Mohammad Reza Khabaz, the state-run website Eghtesad News acknowledged the public’s hatred of the government and wrote: “The members of the current parliament are the biggest losers of the world because they failed to do anything, and yet by their own admission, they no longer dare to go to their constituency. Because they are going to be facing strong protests from the people.”

“The 11th parliament came to power with a series of slogans that none of them believed in,” Khabaz added. “In other words, ‘attracting attention’ and ‘advertising’ were the only reasons for those slogans. Even a minister who knows that he is not even at the level of a director-general, when he hears such flattering about himself from the representatives, he realizes that these MPs are worse than him and have no merits whatsoever. Now, if the MPS want to impeach these ministers, they are in fact impeaching themselves.”


Cleric Arrested at Turkish-Iranian Border

Vahid Harvabadi, a cleric who is reportedly grown at odds with the regime in Iran has been detained at the Bazargan border on May 31.

“My husband Vahid was arrested tonight while leaving the Bazargan border,” Maryam Jafari Azarmani wrote in a Twitter message without further elaboration.

Posting objective content on social media, Vahid Harvabadi was tried in the summer of 2020 by the Special Court of the Clergy on charges of “spreading lies with the intention of disturbing public opinion and propaganda activities against the state.”

According to some accounts, Vahid Harvabadi was scheduled to be tried in late May this year on charges of “insulting the leader, spreading lies with the intention of disturbing public opinion, and propaganda against the state.”

No official news has been released about the arrest of Vahid Harvabadi by judicial and law enforcement officials.

With IAEA BoG Meeting Ahead, Khamenei’s Mouthpiece Resorts to Threatening

The Kayhan newspaper whose editorial guidelines are directed by the regime’s Supreme Leader’s office wrote in a column on May 31: “Amid speculations about the stalemate in the nuclear talks between Iran and the P4+ 1, as well as increasing Western pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran, the International Atomic Energy Agency, a technical, legal and expert body, has issued two reports in line with its previous political practice. The unconstructive and hostile reports about Iran’s nuclear activities are based on the Zionist regime-made false claims against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The report by Grossi, the director-general of the IAEA, which indicates that the body is out of its technical direction, has been used by the Western media, particularly the British Reuters, and has been followed by interventionist remarks from some Western countries.”

Kayhan added: “Accordingly, it seems that the diplomatic apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran should be aware of the Western trap, and therefore it should focus on highlighting the process of the honest cooperation between Iran and the IAEA, and while discrediting fake reports based on false data of the Zionists, Iran should review its cooperation with the IAEA, whose reports are to be the subject of decisions by the Board of Governors.”


Seventh Night of Continuous Anti-regime Protests in Iran’s Cities

People in numerous cities took to the streets for the seventh consecutive night on Tuesday, May 31, as recent anti-regime protests continue to spread. The people of Abadan are leading these rallies in memory of the at least 36 people killed on May 23 as the city’s ten-story Metropol tower collapsed. Reports indicate others were injured and dozens are still feared trapped under the rubble.

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Tehran Misleads IAEA for Two Decades

As world powers continue the cat-and-mouse game with the Iranian regime and try to resume the nuclear talks in Vienna at all costs, Tehran has accelerated its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. UN nuclear weapons watchdog chief Rafael Grossi has described the current situation as “a very difficult juncture.”

This difficult juncture is thought to be in reference to the Iranian authorities’ refusal to explain the origin of uranium particles found at apparently old but undeclared sites. U.S. and European negotiators consider Tehran’s nuclear program as a political matter based on which they can bargain and continue their ties with the theocratic regime.

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Melika and Mitra Salehianpour, 12 and 14, Died Under the Rubbles in Abadan

Melika and Mitra Salehianpour, two students from Minoodasht, lost their lives in the collapse of the Metropol building in Abadan. The head of the General Department of Education of Khuzestan announced the death of 5 students in the Metropol building incident. Melika, Mitra Salehianpour, Masih Sadeghi from Khorramshahr, and Arian and Hamidreza Jalilian from Abadan lost their lives in this incident. The Metropol Tower, built by Khamenei’s mafia gangs, collapsed on the people of Abadan on May 23, 2022, due to the unsuitability of the structures.

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Child Marriages and Honor Killings in Iran

Although the legal age of marriage in Iran is 13, the law allows a girl’s father or paternal grandfather to wed her even at a younger age. And there have been many examples of girls being wed at age 9 and even as young as 5.

At least 100 marriages of girls under 15 every 24 hours. One should bear in mind that considering the Iranian regime’s lack of transparency, the published figures must be regarded at a minimum. 9,753 young girls between 10 and 14 were married in spring 2021.

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Iran Disperses Protesters Angry Over Metropol Building Collapse Killing 34

Iranian riot police fired tear gas and shot into the air to disperse an angry crowd of hundreds of people near the site of a building collapse in the southwestern city of Abadan, online videos showed Monday.

One week after the collapse of the Metropol Tower, which left dozens dead and missing, Abadan was once again the scene of protests on the evening of Monday, May 30. The protests, however, were met with violence by security forces.

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