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Iran News in Brief – April 17, 2021

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The Iranian Society Continues To Suffer but Does Not Give In

Iranians from Tehran to South West of the country rallied and protested on Saturday against the state policies that have caused nothing but misery and hardship for their families.


Iran: Coronavirus Death Toll in 539 Cities Exceeds 254,300

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Friday, April 16, 2021, that the Coronavirus death toll in 539 cities had surpassed 254,300. The number of victims in Tehran has reached 58,141, Isfahan 16,615, Khorasan Razavi 16,290, Khuzestan 15,314, Mazandaran 10,775, Lorestan 10,728, East Azerbaijan 10,383, West Azerbaijan 9,563, Qom 8,915, Gilan 8,906, Fars 7,502, Golestan 6,525, Alborz 6,393, Sistan and Baluchestan 5,781, Hamedan 5,733, Kerman 5,689, Central Province 5,263, Yazd 4,542, Semnan 4,500, Kurdistan 4,402, Qazvin 2,909, Hormozgan 2,895, Zanjan 2,780, Ilam 2,626, and Bushehr 2,594.

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Continued protests have pushed Iran’s regime into a deadlock

“High prices and inflation have ruined people’s lives” - Protest of retirees in more than 23 cities – April 2021
“High prices and inflation have ruined people’s lives” – Protest of retirees in more than 23 cities – April 2021

Recent days have seen recurring social protests across Iran. On Wednesday, retirees and pensioners of the Social Security Organization in Iran took to the street for the eleventh series of organized protests in 23 cities in the last three months. They chanted “We will only restore our rights by coming to the streets,” “Injustice is enough, our food table is empty,” “We will not vote anymore. We’ve heard too many lies,” and “Down with (Hassan) Rouhani.”

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Natanz explosion weakens Khamenei’s stance in talks


The Iranian regime has designated April 10 as Iran’s National Day of Nuclear Technology. Every year on such a day, the regime flaunts its nuclear might. However, this year, one day after Iran’s National Day of Nuclear Technology, an explosion — apparently caused by an Israeli attack — damaged Iran’s main nuclear enrichment site, in the city center city of Natanz.

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Iran: Eleven Executions in Six Days


In the past six days, authorities in Iran hanged at least 11 inmates in six different prisons. At dawn on Monday, April 12, the government hanged Arsalan Zare at Adilabad Prison in Shiraz, the capital of Fars province. He was a farmer and had been kept behind bars for 15 years.

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Iran Government’s Delay In Public Vaccination Tantamount to a Crime


Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei and its president Hassan Rouhani are watching the people’s death by the coronavirus. The situation is so severe that even now some of the officials in the country are protesting and warning the regime over its ignorance.

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Iran news in brief, April 17, 2021


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